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Inquisitional statistics:
  • Three character classes--Paladin, Priest, and Thief--each with his own unique and independent story.
  • Wield the power of the Inquisition as you arrest heretics; use a variety of tools-such as the iron maiden, suspension, and the rack-to extract confessions and burn the heretics!
  • Animations of the game characters, reflecting every change in the equipment, consist of almost one million sprites (i.e. graphical elements)
  • A wide, open-ended world for you to explore and exploit as you see fit.
  • More than 200 weapons, 80 spells, and 7 schools of forbidden and allowed magic!
  • 37 extensive dungeon complexes (including multilevel dungeons)
  • 34 surface areas with deep forests, green pastures and extensive towns
  • 10 years of development, 3 years of translations, months of proofreading
  • More than 5,000 pages of text

Ultherst was once a peaceful, God-fearing land until the Three Scourges of God came to pass as foretold by Saint Ezekiel, one of the twelve followers of the First Prophet. First came the famine that devasted the populace. Next came the plague that added more unfortunate souls on Death’s abacus. Finally came the great rain of fire, and death fell down on sinner and innocent alike, blood flooding the streets in place of water. The people, in their desperation, turned away from the Holy Mother Church and delved deep into pagan decadence or succumbed to the temptation of the Devil. You have been charged with the office of Inquisitor. It is up to you to investigate crimes against the one true faith and root out heresy--using any and all means necessary. As in all best computer RPGs--the most important choices are yours to make.

Inquisitor is a unique blend of action-oriented combat with a deep and involving tale of betrayal, torture, madness, and infernal damnation. Put your wits to the test as you collect evidence against possible heretics and put them to trial once they have been charged. Use the might of the Inquisition to extract a confession from your subjects, but be warned, use your power wisely or you will face the consequences. If a gritty old-school open-ended isometric RPG is what you looking for, look no further. Inquisitor will provide you with hours of gameplay and a dark, involving story.

Deluxe version bonuses:
  • Book – The Inquisitor Novel (pdf)
  • Book – Revelation of Ezekiel (pdf)
  • Artbook (pdf)
  • Two-hour soundtrack (38 songs)
Release date
CINEMAX, s.r.o.
CINEMAX, s.r.o., Cinemax
Age rating
18+ Adults Only

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Single Core 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card supporting DirectX with 64 MB of memory
  • Storage: 2300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: A compatible sound card
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card supporting DirectX with 256 MB of memory
  • Storage: 2300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: A compatible sound card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Inquisitor reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Well, Hello! The Great and terrible master of the 8 fires of 10. The Game is frankly pleased. Here's My bottom line: Pros + Interesting story tangle, backed by quality and attention to detail. + Excellent text (And as it seemed to me, closer to the 3 Act, the text is gaining even more power) + Design pleasantly pleases: detailing cities, houses, albeit in an outdated wrapper, but with the soul. + A Gloomy atmosphere of decline and approaching the end of the world, at the level of Diablo 1 or dark sous 1. + Dive Depth, at least with me it happened. + And The most important thing for the RPG, will play the role of the Inquisitor. + Organ music written by composer Martin Linda, gloomy and oppressive, for someone maybe it's a minus, but the other will not come here. + The Characters of the key NPCs are pronounced, even in general matters. + Live World Reacting to player's actions. + A Solid mix of Divinity Divine, Ultima 7, Diablo 1 + Interesting side quests, intertwined with the main. Cons. -Awkward interface. -Boevka Ala Ultima 7, never really liked. -Dergannaya animation. -The Game is not for everyone, under a definite mood and slow passage. -Weak balance, directly in the role and combat parts. -After Mastering the nuances of game mechanics, walking on the dungeons become-routine and boring. Enemies are not able to surprise, if there are potions and magic boxes. Hard mode saves only in the last dungeon (It will be long for me to dream, just torture). -The First dungeons in 4-5 levels, can scare even experienced RPG-Shnik, further a little better. -Bugs and once again bugs (Jam in textures, hang, lack of key NPCs in some quests). -It is Not possible to set the behavior model to the party, so the offline mode with all the ensuing. Commands: Stand (G), Weapon in sheath (F), Attack (Z) to help you. -Small review on the map, and often, opponents see you before you. -A Couple of times the saves have flown. -Silly AI.... This disease also herd: DIABLO1, 2.3 Arcanum, Dvinity Divine, Sacred etc. In general it is a kind of tendency, why to break it. As a result, the minuses (12) per unit more than pluses (11) and if desired, you can still finish, but still these pluses, personally for me outweigh, so I will not be the cons of poking. The Game is a complete torture, if you do not learn spells: levitation, Resurrection, teleport, the Call of infernal Hounds, durability (constant lack of endurance in the entire team). In fact, there is nothing more to do with the magic of Voru and Paladin, the pure magician I did not play. But even under all these conditions, the game is very slow. I Advise the end of the game to accumulate caskets with the gin, pieces so 10-15 quite come down. Liked the idea of a dog named Diabulus, he died in my third act, on the Bosse Sukuba. Because Of the incomprehensible bugs, when the resurrection, after a short time again died. Starting The final quest in the Royal Cemetery, I called The Hounds of Hell (which after a while disappear, but one pink mongrel never returned to the inferno). When descent in the Royal tomb, I wrote that not all the squad is assembled, so you can not go on... Found it in the lower right hand corner of the map that was in a desperate battle with a ghost (no matter how silly it sounded) Then it seemed to me that Psina Diabulus had returned, tired of the hellish heat, in order to complete our Mission))) I all wanted him to be killed because He is slow (he was always in the tail or stuck, and it is impossible to expel him), but he was just as alive as the Diabulus of the 52 level, and then the remains of Azraila when we finished it. The Game puts a serious philosophical question in its final, than a little surprised. Modern gamers have forgotten (or do not know) what is a real RPG, they serve gum for the eyes and a pillow for brains. The Inquisitor is a great RPG made with soul, but not on time. Such projects are few now, the game as if from the 90s, the same brutal and uncompromising, forcing the player to make efforts over themselves, for this Fat Plus! Got a sea of "tears" and pleasure from passing. A Great option for players with a weak PC, who have all the 2D classics in the genre. And the third place in the list of the worst games (We know that this is not the case) and low rating is a trifle, if the game has something to say, just it has a high threshold of entry, which will embroider tired players until the end of the game)))))
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