Inside the Void

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Alien structures have been sighted on a remote planet. Several spacecraft have been sent to investigate the structures, but all communication with the crew has been lost.

Your mission is to search for the lost crew.

Inside the Void is an exploration game where you must navigate through seven alien structures in an effort to unravel the disappearance of lost crew members. Each structure is a gateway to an alternate space that is distanced from reality. You will encounter messages left by the lost crew members that offer a glimpse into their fate.

"Inside the Void is a first-person walk-o-explorer. It's a flipping gorgeous one too, and spookier than I'd expected."
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"The voids are like vaporwave fever dreams"
Kill Screen

Controls: Mouse and WASD / E to interact / Shift to Sprint

Update 1.04 - New extended ending.
Update 1.03 - Save game option. Performance improvements.
Update 1.02 - Minor gameplay fixes.
Update 1.01 - Added option for invert vertical mouse. Added sprint.

Inside the Void is now available for Google VR on iTunes & Google Play

Inside the Void soundtrack now available for purchase. Included are eight unique ambient soundscapes from the game. Each track is designed to seamlessly loop.

Developed by Jacob A. Medina

Inside the Void is free, but any donations are greatly appreciated.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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