IRIS: A Colorful Dream

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In a world without its colors, stories are told about a time when life was bright and radiant, when the sunlight was warm and nature was strong. While Iris is still young and their world has always been dull and faded, these stories inspire them to dream of a better future. Could these dreams be a sign of change?

     Join Iris as they adventure through the unknown in search of the six lost crystals to make the world colorful once again! A 3D platformer about seeing the world in a new way and making a change.


   Iris wakes up in a mysterious place, surrounded by nothingness. They can feel something calling. As a path unfolds ahead, an unlikely friend will guide the way forward. What brought you here and what’s its purpose?

Play the demo now and experience the first chapter of this story! DEMO FEATURES

     IRIS: A Colorful Dream - The Prologue is a game on it's own with a story that takes place before the events we intend to explore in the full game. We developed it as a way to explore our ideas and hone our skills before diving into the real thing.

     In it you'll get to know our character, Iris, and explore little pieces of a world unknown to both of you. This adventure includes hints and peeks at what is to come on Iris' big adventure.

     The demo is being released in two parts. The first chapter is available now and contains the first half of this journey. The second chapter will be available in a few months, follow us to be notified when it's out!

Here are some of the features contained in the first chapter demo:

  • Platforming: Run, jump, dash, wall run and slide your way through the levels.
  • Explore three beautiful areas, each containing unique biomes and obstacles.
  • Use color beams to reveal hidden objects and paths in the world!
  • A mysterious puzzle room guarding one of the crystals!
  • Collect crystal shards throughout the game! Can you find them all?
  • A photo mode with lots of options to take beautiful screenshots. Make sure to share your captures with us through Twitter or in our Discord server!
  • Get to know Iris and their BFF (butterfly friend) better before the release of the full game.

     We'd like to thank everyone who's been supporting our work so far, and that includes everyone in our community, from ou friends (who we have bothered to play our game over and over again), our amazing Discord community and our playtesters (without their help we wouldn't have been able to find so many bugs and issues on the demo, not to mention some really good suggestions about mechanics and polishing that made the demo so much better) and of course our Patreon supporters (who have been allowing us to focus on our work on the game and develop exciting new content for them). Thank you so much to everyone involved and we hope to have all of you around for the rest of this exciting journey!


(Still in development!)

We have big plans for IRIS. This is our first big project and we're very passionate about this character and their world, so here are a few things we intend to develop for the full game:

  • A deep storyline about overcoming your insecurities and reconnecting with the crystals to change the world!
  • Six full levels, each containing many collectibles, platforming obstacles, enemies and puzzles.
  • A unique temple at the end of each level featuring platforming and puzzles specific to that biome.
  • An exciting boss battle at the end of each temple. Beat the challenge to reconnect with a new crystal and discover a different color!
  • Six different power ups from each of the crystals, use them to overcome specific puzzles and obstacles.
  • A large central area, featuring a city with multiple unlockable areas and many interesting characters to interact with.
  • Many side quests throughout the game, challenging you to explore the story even deeper and learn more about the world.

     Hi! We’re QUARTZO, a Brazilian indie game studio run by Rubens and Vini, a couple of game devs with a passion for creativity. We started developing games around 2017 and since then our dream was to open our own game studio one day. Then in 2020 we started working on IRIS, a project that’s very special to us, and we hope with it’s release we'll be able to continue making games for life!


     We still have a long way to go before we can finish the game, but to make sure we can do it as soon as possible, we need your help! We want to dedicate ourselves exclusively to IRIS, but we can't make that a reality without the support from our patrons.

     By supporting us, you earn lots of rewards, from exclusive access to our Patreon-only posts and your name on the game's credits,  all the way to awesome prints and stickers!

Please check our Patreon page and consider becoming a member, we'd really appreciate having your support!

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QUARTZO Game Studio
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Last Modified: Jul 19, 2021

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