Jagged Alliance Flashback reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
At this Time (February 2015) the Game is finally patched to a decent Level, the Release version of October 2014 was definitely incomplete. The Graphics are actionable, the Soundtrack nix special; but mainly the Battles are fun. What I like are the death Animations of the Enemies and loving Details like the Swarms of fly over the Corpses; the Weapon sounds are also very successful. What you clearly notice are some missing Features that probably just weren't in it with such a Low-budget project; Voiceover is only in the Form of your Fighters ' sayings; Doors enter and Locks crack there are no more, neither Walkable Roofs; there are no more Explosives experiments and no Interaction of my Mercenaries and local Rebels with each other ... After All, there are still n few side quests, so JAF doesn't get along without a Story ... The Entry is quite tricky, but afterwards run by itself and you will swim in Money ... There are other Challenges for This ... I can easily afford the most expensive Mercenaries afterwards, but I also have to chase through several Battles and train them up to Level 10 to 20 ... This creates some Connection with the self-bred elite Force. The Maintenance of the Equipment is a real Problem until I can finally buy the first Toolboxes; you can really see how the Creaks are borrowing ... The biggest Challenge of all, however, is ammunition Management; Bobby Rays no longer exists, the Force is armed by the Enemy and the local hanging Lear.At the latest from the Middle of the Game you better only take armour-piercing Ammunition, and that is pretty scarce!!! At JA2, I have equipped the whole Squad Uniformly With the same Assault rifle for logistics reasons ... In JAF, each Mercenary gets a different Cringe with a different Calibre to effectively split up the sparse red Mumps; thanks to the Squad inventory, I can haul along a whole truckload of Crimean Crams ... 7.62 times 51mm-NATO-AP still barked with Gold. It also requires a certain Amount Of playing time to equip the whole Squad perfectly with the best Protective Clothing and all The weapons Attachments ... A small Challenge is also the Forward Defense until my Militia is at full strength and can defend itself ... The Battles themselves are more likely to form as assault defense shooters. After all, this Eliminates the annoying search For the last Camper in THE Sector. ^^ On the one Hand, I think it is positive that the heavy Weapons have been taken out of JAF and that I am not half a Mortar shell. Squad kills; on the other hand, in open Terrain, even with the Assault rifle, the assault rifle is fought to maximum Visibility ... Knives; MPi and Hand Grenades are more of something for the City ... Still... Once you're in battle, it's the Jagged Alliance feeling!! ... Judge, Shot, hit, Next Enemy ... And always knob around nicely how I use my Group's Action Points most effectively ... At Night and during The tropical Cloudburst, the Visibility is quite small; quite advantageous, because my highly sophisticated Mercenaries get the Interruption ... Time Pressure doesn't exist at all, who likes and wants, can move across the Island with his Fighting Squad for years and train his Men at Level 100 ... Or to network through the Sectors with "A Man, a Knife" at night ... Or to put together a Horde Flintenuschis ... Or, or ... Overall, I have a lot of Fun with the Game and would give him a subjective 7 out of 10 ... It's not a "big" YES 3, the Developer would have needed 20 times the budget for that, but it's the Best there's on the Market right now; especially since Windows 8.1 sabotaged my beloved Wildfire ... I also recommend Shanghai's Mods from the Camera Guidance workshop, Maps and Weapon Descriptions (including Attachment Pages). For the experienced Players who find it too boring and too easy, I recommend the "Revival" mod ... This increases the Degree of difficulty considerably once again.