Jumps reviews

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Microsoft from French
If you like jumping, play is done for you! There is no real difficulty, although some levels may be a bit tenacious, but the simple pleasure of jumping is well done in the game. Some levels can be complicated on some jumps, but nothing very nasty. There are 6 levels with 10 level each, ending with an average of 14-15 seconds. There will be little mechanics: rocket jump, trampoline and accelerator. Knowing that the jumps must be recovered (therefore limited) and do not need to be done on the ground. The levels are not always very varied on the level design, the possibilities of improving his score are not large and the reflection to succeed the levels either. But hey, I liked it because I didn't really want a level design to break my head, but just a game to make my jumps quietly. The game is really unpretentious and its price excuses a lot of these flaws (especially on promo). But you have to know what you're getting into, it's not the complexity and the challenge that will choke you in the game. But for the people who just love the mechanics for what it is, it makes the coffee. I really enjoyed the 5-6h it lasted.
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Microsoft from Russian
Jumps is a parkour simulator. "Once you have tasted the flight, you will always walk on the ground with eyes facing the sky, for you have already been there and you are irresistibly pulling back there." -Leonardo da Vinci. Excellent implementation of the game in which you only need to jump and nothing more. Levels can be held in different ways. At First, they are simple and can not but please, but the farther you move, the harder the levels become. All in the Game 6 worlds, the top ten levels on each. From the second ten will appear additional arrows to increase the speed, and the third add more traps that can kill, so you have to calculate your route and catch the necessary timing. On the fourth ten and in general there will be shooting turrets, so you do not get bored. To Open every next world is not enough just to pass the levels, you need to meet the total time of the world, for example, to open the second world you must have completed the first ten levels at least in 130 seconds. It Sounds simple, but it's actually quite problematic. This is an inexpressible sensation, when you pass the level once again and reduce the cherished seconds. The game is made very high quality, like the game is simple, but at the same time and difficult. The Graphics of course Prostenka, but when the sense of flight is so well, the least you want to pick up the details. Read more quality reviews in the TOP Review group Subscribe to curators