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军团战棋 Legion War

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Overview"Legion War " is a medium 4X strategy game with fantasy style. As the leader of the legion,you must build your own castles and territory, explore the unknown lands, search for mysterious treasures, cultivate your own heroes and troops, exterminate other legions, and defeat the god who rules the world behind the scenes.
LegionsIn the original EA version, there are only three legions (which will increase in the future), balanced HUMAN legions, crafty UNDEAD legions, and advanced STEAM legions. Each legion has its own unique 3 heroes, 9 units, 9 spells and a series of special knowledge card.
Random worldThe maps are randomly generated by algorithms to ensure that each game has a new experience. There are five different types of maps, Pangaea, Great Plain, Mediterranean, Islands and Ring Continent. Each game map supports up to six legions playing together.
ResourcesThere are 4 kinds of resources in the game, such as Gold, Knowledge, Hammer, and Magic. Each resource can be obtained by occupying the corresponding resource building on the map, besides, building in your castle can also produce specific resources.
UnitsUnits are the main part of your legion, they are quite important for exploring the world, finding treasures, and defeating enemies. Each legion has 9 unique units, and once if you occupy a mercenary camp or a sea castle, you can recruit a variety of neutral units or Marine units.

Heroes are the core of your legion. Each legion has 3 unique original heroes, and you can also upgrade some units to heroes through knowledge cards.

Each hero gets a different upgrade talent in each game.

Each hero can wear six pieces of equipment.
MagicEach legion has its own unique 9 types of spells, casting spells consume magic resources. Most of the spells can attack your enemy or assist your army, and besides, some spells has some magical effects.
Castle buildingsYou can spend Golds to build new buildings or upgrade old ones in your castles and sea castles. Each castle has 1 main building slot and 8 secondary building slots.
Knowledge card systemKnowledge resources are used to unlock the technology card, each slot can be inserted into knowledge cards with corresponding level. Most knowledge cards are public knowledge cards, and each legion has its own unique knowledge cards. Knowledge cards can increase your economic output, increase units' power, or reinforce your spells.
Unit upgrade systemHammer resource are used to upgrade your units, which are effective for all units of that type. You can completely customize your combat units in the game. Each unit has its own independent talent tree, through which a unit can be developed into different functions. Besides, you can also consume Hammers to equip a unit with 3 different parts.
Random eventsThere are hundreds of random events in the game, and different events will bring unexpected changes to the process of game.
Celestial systemThere are 2 celestials in the game. If you occupy an altar on the map, you can pay tribute to one celestial and get magic from him. Paying tribute to a certain celestial will cause the antipathy of another celestial. When he can't stand it, he will order his troops to attack you, or even in his own.

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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: 2.50GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: HD4400
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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军团战棋 Legion War reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review Game caught me in the next list of recommendations and attracted my attention cute graphics in the screenshots and in the trailer. I Looked at one English-speaking Letspei, and I liked it even more. Decided to try it myself-and was very pleased. This is partly a shift towards the casual fantasy 4X, where you can invest as much time as you want and have a very good time. The fact is that after the fourth tsii in 4X-strategy especially more and did not play. As I do not look reviews or letsplei, it seems that everything is very acy slowly, it is just boring, something else is wrong. I have a couple of games in this genre in the collection, but something somehow can not gather in them to play, just do not dare. In the same began to play at once with great pleasure. The Game is in early access and is developed by only two people, and there is so much of the planned No. No Campaign, no achievements, no in-game encyclopedia-under them there are buttons in the main menu, but this is still not done, however, the developers promise to gradually all of this, of course, with the support of the gaming community. I think that at the current price of the game such support under the force of many, this price is quite pay off for a few nights of the game. Kind of like the same developers came out a game for mobile devices under the same name, but this PC-release-it's not a port, and fundamentally something new, oriented on the PC. No mobile "ears" I was noticed during the game. The Game is rich in various mechanics. It is Possible to develop locks, building in them buildings and making their upgrades, it is possible to develop various technologies, at the same time have very big freedom of choice, in what order what to develop. You can pump and equip both heroes and ordinary units. There is magic, and many more. At the moment there are three variants of the game: a fast game (as I understood, it is a game with randomly selected parameters), a custom game where You set the type of the world, size, number of players (the first-it's you, and the rest-AI-opponents), complexity, you can also choose the race And yourself, and enemies (Warriors/mages, undead and some steam-powered automons, you can always choose a race for yourself and for enemies to do randomly) and a tuner. First of all, I strongly recommend To complete the tutorial, there is not everything, but very much explained. And then you can already try a customization game with different random parameters. Unfortunately, there is no Russian translation (yet), but it depends largely on us, Russian-speaking players! However, in my opinion, the English in the game is not tricky, megaton text is not. So Far there is no multiplayer, but the developers have written what they think about it, of course, once again, the game will get a lot of support. And one more thing. At first I strongly recommend in the game options to keep the included expert advisor and not to choose in all events those options that are marked as capable of having profound consequences. In My first customization game I had the indiscretion to choose such options, in the end, after some time, and some demons, and Anela and destroyed in zero all the dreams of world domination for me, and for a computer opponent)) And here is my flier on the game: https://youtu.be/3-kQirvzle0 Recorded the passage of most of the tuner, unfortunately, the video turned out to be very lengthy, but hopefully someone will help.
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