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Khanate game to build your own khanate, manage your people to rise your khanate. Arrange battles when it becomes a big khan. This story goes through AD 1100s. In this game you can declare yourself Genghis Khan and take over the whole world.


Firstly, player starts from the beginning in the empty world. Here are no homes, settlements or anything else. Player’s hero should be standing in the front of the field, wearing heavy armour. This experienced hero could be your best warrior.

Only hero can build the castle when the one is not present. Firstly, player must select the hero, which has the ability to build that castle. The next step is to find the place where to build it. The castle will start slowly building up. Once the castle is finished, player can select it and create many other buildings and units.

Main Menu: Tigir:Er Gırtlak Müziği
In Game (1): Altai Kai - Argimak Attar
In Game (2): Altai-Kai - Ойно, ойно, Алтай
In Game (3): Enkh Jargal - Rumpa Rumpa
In Game (4): Sedaa - Duula

Release date
Mar 16, 2019
Khanate Games
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019
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