Lab Escape (Heimsel)

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In this game you take roll of a lab rat having a cheesy dream.

The researchers responsible for your fate, build a head mounted device to test your agility. They took your ability to jump on your own so they can take control of it.
Every 4 seconds you will get shocked which makes you jump backwards. But also you learned how to use that power to execute a forward jump mid-air!
Try to get all cheese parts with your new skills and reach the end of the level to obtain the ultimate cheese. But take care of the other brainwashed rats and electrifying grids!

Move left and right - A, D, Left, Right or Gamepad Joystick
Move down platforms - S, Down, Gamepad Joystick down (buggy, resetting once seems to fix it)
Jump - you can't
Jump Mid-Air - Space, Up, Gamepad A
Reset to Checkpoint - R, Gamepad Y
Pause Game - Escape, P, Gamepad Start
Exit Game - We forgot to add this, whoops. Will close by it self at the end (or use Alt-f4)

Created by Heimsel, Wampow and OCLoad for the Make-A-Level Jam (Leap Day 2020).

Have fun and thank you for playing!

We might or might not have left a cheat mode in there somewhere

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Last Modified: Mar 2, 2020

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