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Labyronia RPG

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Labyronia RPG is a role-playing game developed using RPG Maker software.


The game takes place in fantasy land. 50 years before the events of the game, the land was plagued by war. Four wizards created a magic device to prevent armies from fighting. The device is known as Pedant of Labyronia — it reshaped large parts of the world into mazes. However, this had awful consequences thus its spawned hordes of monster that invaded the world for long years.

Plot and gameplay

The game follows young wizard Arres. As a player, you have to a player you have to guide him through for temples of elements which would give you the power to vanquish the monsters.
The gameplay shares many similarities with other RPGs made with RPG Maker. According to developers, Labyronia’s visual style, story and battle system are heavily inspired by classic RPGs of the 16-bit era such as Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest series. The player can for a party of several characters. The battles are turn-based and require strategical usage of attacks, items, abilities as well as knowledge of enemies’ weaknesses. The player can explore dungeons for new items, money and “cues” – individual objects that teach your characters new abilities and spells. There are several towns and settlements in the game in which you can interact with various NPC, buy items and gear.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Labyronia RPG reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Facts first: RPG maker without Specifics. Party.... There should be 2 more potential Members, only I have not found them so far;-) No Card, no Display of HP the Opponent. Story.... If they exist, you can forget them. Labyronia. The Name is actually the Game principle. There's one Maze after another. And since you have to travel back and forth between the Places, you can enjoy them several times. Stupid only that the Monsters are all back as soon as you leave the Screen. Fights take quite a long time, because you are just alone. The Avatar is a Battlemage, but its Strength lies in magic. Stupid only that you have to find the Sayings in the Dungeons (Labyrinths) first ... After all, you can sometimes see them quite well ... Just the Way there. Even more stupid if the Magic cannot be used by oneself (the missing Comrades-in-arms). Boss Battles can take EXTREM for a long time ... Or not, as Solo is barely in a Chance. As soon as you finally have your Party together, there is also something like a Story. Also, it finally makes Sense to look for the hidden clues. Clues are the Spells or Combat Characteristics here. And there are some to be found for each of the 3 Charactere. But you just have to find them, You can be as obvious As other coloured trees, but also a Conversation with an NPC. Overall, however, one is forced to visit each Location a second Time. All of which is especially important for the crisp Final fight. If you haven't found a special Skill there, you'll never see the End. And the End ... Now last surprise you. For me, it was a Surprise. The Game is quite cheap ... And apparently there are even his Predecessors to be found on the Net for free. It also provides the Incentive to want to make it. If only these endless and sometimes very empty Labyrinths were not I would recommend it. But if someone has a lot of Patience, they can still try it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I don't write Reviews otherwise if I think I've played a Game long enough. I now have to make an Exception here. I bought Labyronia RPG in the Bundle with the second Part, was also on Offer and I like to gamble RPG Maker Games. One is Öcoded With sources of Inspiration such as Final Fantasy VI or Dragon Quest, so far it resembles only one Game: That of all the first Final Fantasy. For therefore it has the Plott: 4 evil Gods (which correspond to the four Elements, as with Final Fantasy 1) create an Artifact for the Subjugation of Humanity (as if a God did not already have this Power ...) and create Labyrinths all over the World. You Don't notice anything about that after the introductory intro (a Text, nothing more than that). You play Arres, the Battle Magician And Hermit Who goes off to save the World. Why is he doing this? Weils his Mentor said! And who is the Mentor? No Idea, but he left me Instructions in a Book! And why are we Hermit and why does everyone know us in the first Village? So you see, character design is not one of the Game's Strengths, which is stupid, because that's Exactly what RPGs need most! So, I'm supposed to save the World. Okay, where do I start? The World is Open World, so I assume, I can decide for myself. But One quickly notices the many Suggestions of various Inhabitants that the City Of Jenise could be important ... So I'll go there! Wrongly thought, without Warning I am thrown into a Dungeon from which I can't easily get out. In the End, then, the first Final Boss, made up of a sheer Supremacy of Opponents, who can not only just make me go blind, but have me dead after 2 Rounds, awaits me. Stupid! I would really like to dedicate more Time to the Game, but out of Frustration I have no Desire to do so and I don't see that this will happen to be any other thing in the near future. + big World to explore-annoying Fights where everything is stocking-ugly Facesets-the first Attack skill is useless-unnecessary Savepoints, since you can mostly save from the Menu-ridiculous story-Ridiculous Protagonist-ridiculous Carver (Bsp: Im Menu is 350 Golds-.-"What do You want for this Sword here? How about ... 3 Golds? " "Get Out of here!" Appendix Did you like the Review or you are simply Interested in Writing reviews, then please support our Group GermanReviews, which is still under Construction
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