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Lantern Forge

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Lantern Forge is a sandbox survival game with building, crafting, and RPG elements.
It features an isometric view with hack 'n slash combat. Players will mine and forage for resources to build a home, plant crops, and craft weapons and armor. They can then venture out to explore the wilderness, find hidden dungeons and temples, fight unique monsters, and collect the treasures they guard.

Lantern Forge features:
  • A massive procedurally generated world, plant growth, and day/night cycles with dynamic lighting.
  • Choose from 4 skill trees to gain special combat and survival abilities.
  • Discover hundreds of resource types and recipes for weapons, armor, tools, food, and home furnishings.
  • Travel through 8 different biomes, each home to unique monsters and resources.
  • Enchant equipment and add powerful gems.
  • Build a town center to open up merchant stands for trade.
  • Dig down 90 levels underground in search of the rarest and most powerful materials!
Release date
Hearthfire Studios
Hearthfire Studios
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Win7/ Win8
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Lantern Forge reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
I have tested this game for about 7 hours, the game as such is pleasant, a lot of things that can be manufactured, a vast and varied world, OK graphics for this type of game, and a good atmosphere, unfortunately I do not recomande this game to those who want play in French, here are some reasons: 1-the "keymapping", does not work, it only takes the basic keys and again, so impossible to put the desired key, which forces us to play with the keys set by default, this problem comes from the fact that it have only the English character as well as only the basic key in their configuration, for example, to advance it have the key "w" by default, if you want to put one of the arrow keys, and well that's impossible, only from "A" to "Z" works, 2-the game said to be in French, but as a more devout, he waited for moddters to do the translation, result, as the game only has the English keyboard, and well all the French special characters are not taken into account and you ended up with empty space everywhere, for example, if I write "élelphant" and well in the game it gives this "the elephant", "telephoned" would give this: "t l phonne", so very difficult to try to read... 3-unable to change the default mouse function, which makes the games difficult, in 7 hour I never got used to, I destroyed I do not know how many times my thing typing on it so that I just wanted to move... so as it is impossible to choose our key and as it is almost impossible to read the text, and well I can not recommend a game that does not happen to provide the very basics of a game... that said, even if I do not recommend this game (for French players), the game remains interesting, a lot of things to do and a lot of place to explore, a good level of "crafting", which offers a good production chain, the dungeons are pleasant to visit and all e St destructible in the game, (on the surface and in the dungeons), which includes the wall too, allowing you to make your way as you want in the dungeons, not to follow the paths... the game is not difficult, but you go maybe die often, especially in the beginnings, I died several dozen times because I can not get used to the default key and that the game is a real pleases in these circumstances... In short, after almost 8 hours of play, I have enough to lose patience to always go wrong with the keys, and as this problem exists for a very long time, well I do not believe that there will be a correction a day... with configurable keys and a readable French, it is certain that I would have to play longer at this game, but here I am out of patience...
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