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LazerGrrl is a fast-paced, base-combat puzzle game focused on the player versus player experience. Build up your defences but don’t forget to focus on your attack strategy to destroy your opponent.  

The action is fast and strategic and explosions are rife! You'll love blowing up your enemies strategies and watching their reactions when they thought the game was won. Take control of resource points, connect them to your base, and gather resources in order to power the strongest weapons.   

Join our  Discord community! You may also find some devs there :) Features
  • Original mechanics with responsive controls;
  • Frenetic and challenging matches;
  • Huge freedom to be creative and strategic however you want;
  • Strategically deep game. Invent your own strategies and counter-strategies;
  • 100% Skill based PVP with a high skill ceiling;
  • Non-Stop Multiplayer Action;
  • Action with puzzle and strategy combined. Outwit your opponent instead of relying on reflexes alone;
  • Local and Online Multiplayer;
  • Invite your friends over and enjoy the most of the game having fun and exploding them;
  • Play now Lazer Grrl and find yourself in the middle of a frenetic battle with lots of lasers and explosions!
Upcoming features

This version of LazerGrrl is only the beginning! We are planning to release a deluxe version with the following features..

  • More than two players per match.
  • New levels.
  • Watch your friend’s matches.
  • Save and share your best moves.
  • A tournament mode.
  • Online leaderboards and ranking.
  • Character customisation.
  • Custom matches and different game options.

The team

Brian McElroy - Programmer and Game Designer - 

Pablo Bredow - Artist - @pabbredow

Pete Jones - Sound Designer - 

Jairo Lopes - Press Relations and Marketing

Thanks for playing!

And please, don't forget give us your feedback on comments on the game:

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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