Legie reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
From the gray, as if the face of the dying old man, the heavens, which has been raining for a month, and the disgusting piercing wind of the hoarse blasphemy of the whirling ravens in the forest. In The swamp of the booze a dead horse, a weary woodcutter dorbal his last cowardly tree, before hanging himself on the nearest suku, and only the Odutlovyj vnososh with a meaningless gaze stubbornly went to the flooded miners catacombs. It does not Matter, that under the soles of rotten boots the green mass, and in the inventory dangles soaked in the hangover of the visitors of the native Tavern, Rag. The dude just needs to find the last decent thing in this stepson world-a keg of dark beer. LEGIE-an outrageous depressive game. The World in which her characters live is hopeless to such an extent that it becomes truly ridiculous. When It seems that the highest point of the sadness of being a character is achieved, the author turns on their head another portion of troubles. Everyone suffers, drinking and dies, I like the Russian Arthausny movie looked, to her god. And The gloom of the environment is reinforced by the despondency of the gameplay. Dungeons in the game exactly two, and both are cleaned up as a nefig to do-thanks to the combat system, allowing with impunity to sit behind the shield, while the enemy is trying to portray something attacking. In Addition to the dungeons in the game there are three more locations-the same trotting, the owner of which sent a hero for the Pivchansky, a town of a pair of streets and a microcopy forest. And Rest assured-all this humble set of scenery you will be exude as follows during quests. Yes, to run every time not far, but annoying it to the terrible, and thanks to the author at least for the fact that he did not make enemies in the dungeons to revive after loading-otherwise I would definitely blow my brains. But The gameplay is this, running this whole thing is secondary. For that I will remember the game exactly-it's a story. For three hours of passing LEGIE falls on the head of the player so much medieval Depresnjaka, which is surprisingly becoming, whence in such a small toy so much dirt. And it seems to be quite simple, but atmospheric, so that during the passage of my feet were frozen, and the ears constantly wonder pouring rain outside the window. What pleases, the game has at least some sense of humor, and even the obscurarity of what is happening in it seems a little sarcastic. It is Hard to believe that the game in which the protagonist is the character of a squeeze from a vomit rag, perceives himself seriously. And the epic quest for search for Pivasa tunes in an ironic mood, which is to hide. In Short, I do not even know what I do this game so I paint, in the bowels of the steampunk it is extremely difficult to notice, and the graphic unpretentious and plot of the story will certainly turn the majority of the decided to run it players. To Me it has strangely come, not in the least because I constantly waited, what ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Searching for me will show, and thanks to it has made most of the time. But It is hard for me to recommend such tan to anyone else. It's Like that, actually.