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Leviathan Starblade

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Choose one of three Leviathan fighters and battle your way through hordes of murderous aliens!

Leviathan Starblade is a vertical scrolling shmups (shoot’em up), but along with the standard forward facing guns each player ship also comes equipped with a turret. This turret can fire or swing your Starblade in any direction. The Starblade can be used to cut down most enemy projectiles. Switch between guns and blades to combat your enemies, but you can’t activate both at once. Use your weapons wisely because if you let too many enemies slip past then you lose the mission. While using the Starblade might keep you from getting hit, it will also stop you from shooting down the aliens who are trying to invade the earth. Choose your weapons and tactics wisely.

- Choose between 5 different Starblades, each with different advantages
- Customize your weapon loadout by picking two of 9 guns with unique firing patterns and damages. Switch between your guns at will.
- 3 different ship designs with 76 different colors and patterns to chose from
- 18 challenging missions and bosses
- 18 custom music tracks that you can switch between
- Controller support
- There are no extra lives or drops, but you do heal slightly between missions
- You cannot collide with normal enemies, but bumping into a boss and energy ships will cause damage
- Some enemy ships can only be destroyed with your Starblade
- All sprite, particle effects and music were made in-house

It is said that the old gods flew across the skies on fantastic beasts. Whether they called them phoenix, anzu, bennu, simurgh,seraphim, suzaku, anka, or dragons, every culture in the world had stories of flaming creatures soaring through the heavens. Only they weren’t stories. These were spacecraft. And they were not driven by deities but by ancient beings caught up in an endless war. For thousands of years these cosmic lords have fought each other in the great abyss of space with their fire breathing leviathans. Now the balance has shifted. The so-called gods who championed our sector have been dealt a terrible blow. They cannot protect us any longer. Now again as in ages past the conflict spirals towards Earth. Once more our world is about to become the front line in the eternal struggle. The dark horrors of myth and lore are coming.

Once they found us easy prey, but this time we are ready. No longer will man cower before the ancient evils who threatened our ancestors. Never again will humanity be enslaved to the will of false deities so that we might be the fodder for their wars. Now is our time. We will take this fight to the heavens. We will show the eldritch beasts and beings from all the hells of our religions and fables what has become of humanity in their absence. And before we’re through space itself will boil with the blood of titans and demons.

Sons and daughters of Earth, prepare yourselves. The gods and devils of your forefathers have returned to pass judgement. Let's go kill them.
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  • OS: Windows
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Leviathan Starblade reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free a rudimentary shoot'em up, we die in less than 10sec & especially you have to kill a maximum if not the mission is failed!! With everything on the draft & hyper-speed screen, it's almost impossible... In addition a progression without interest since everything is unlocked anyway from the beginning and fortunately since all the levels are similar, there are quasiement only the colors that change... even the decorations are almost non-existent & minimalist... It's ugly & the rotten gameplay... There really is nothing to keep in this game!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free the basic idea is to make a shoot'em up with 1 fixed pattern weapon (main), one that can be targeted at 360 ° and the ability to stop pulling to use a melee weapon that absorbs projectiles and kill some enemy Special s. The idea is good, the grip is nice but because, yes there is a but, there are many failures and/or questionable choices that spoil the adventure. Good already level story, it's a text page and you have to specifically click on story to read it... Admittedly, this is not the most important in this type of game but let's say that without intro there is no doubt that there is no end and it does not give especially want to finish the game if we can finish it. If the music is varied and generally pleasant, they are not at all rhythmic according to the action. On the other hand sound levels is almost nothingness, there is the noise in the bottom of our weapons that pulls but no explosion of enemies no noise on the shots, nothing on the boss, in short no sound feedback. Visual level, I also have grievances, the enemies are animated from 1 to 2 frames and our ship on a single frame, the background repeats constantly on the same level and there are no noticeable visual indications when touched (it should be noted the absence of invulnerability frame and the life of the ship that continues to drop below zero after our death). There are 18 levels but you can choose which one to do and there is nothing to gain from all of them. On the other hand, we only get 20% of our life bar by finishing a level while we can lose very well to return to 100% and move on to the next. Always in the idea everything is available from the start and we do not unlock anything by playing, we choose the weapons of his ship before starting and everything is available. To summarize, the biggest problem of this game is there, we have everything unlocked from the start and no goal when playing a bit like a sandbox, except that here we do not build anything and there is no one to share. In the end, after the pleasure of discovery and despite a nice gameplay, we quickly lose the urge to restart the game to "continue".
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