Lili: Child of Geos - Complete Edition reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Clear Buy recommendation, especially for only 10 Euros and taking Into account the 8 Hours of Play I "used" for the Main Game. You could play shorter if you don't want to afford all the interesting Upgrades, or a little longer if you want to achieve all the Achievements and the best High Score at each of the 50 "Opponents" through Rematches. What is it all About? The young Protagonist Lili explores an island for botanical Purposes, but quickly mutates into a Problem Solver for the Inhabitants. Wooden animated constructs created By "Spirits," living Plant beings, live on Geos live, and are now not only controlled, but also versely enslaved, sometimes even bullied. More important things now need to be done: * gradually to open up and explore the four Neighbourhoods, including initially locked rooms, where there are almost always Chests with (50) collectable "artifacts" (Everyday Objects or Toys) * several Quests For the Constructs to do, which sometimes encourage you to Smile. There are supposed to be 45 individual NPCs, but unfortunately not all of them award Orders, a few are also very short and simple. For my Taste, there could have been much more and longer Quests for my taste;) * It also applies to collect Flowers and Coins, so that you can afford Auxiliary items, Outfits and Upgrades * also to hunt down and defeat up to 50 Spirits (but there is no Compulsion, To really conquer all to the last) * and, of course, to follow the Main Quest strand, which is about following the tips from the "Trainer" construct, whereby Lili is either increased the three available skills (except for two Slots, so that You can choose, What is most likely to be dispensed with), and of course finally to free the Constructs from the control of the spirits (namely By finally Turning off the control tower) The Spirits are "fought" by * Lili the Spirits that flee in front of it automatically Tracked (and dodges smoke bombs that the Spirits throw) * or sometimes sneaks at them (facilitated by Items) * then quickly jumps on their Backs by Keyboard command * and arrives there the Spirits With Mouse movements, ruffles flowers out of their heads, which Let the Spirits sprout (or even smoke Bombs or Thorns) * picking wants to be done in a certain Amount Of time, in which Lili can hold on to the Back of the Spirits (Extendable by Items), and it is more or less points by Skill/ High Scores available (if possible to concerate to the white Flowers!) And it actually already was. The Game world-a small Beach, the four Neighbourhoods with their Road Network and several houses to be considered each, plus small Connecting Cords-is not huge, but also not too tiny and sufficiently varied. There is a lack of free Exploration surface (mainly It is roads), and you can get stuck with the Figure at an Angle, but quitting the Game and getting back in solves such Problems. Every Time you change to another Neighbourhood, there are new white Flowers sprouting there mainly on the Edge of the Streets for Collecting (and selling), but also Vases with Coins, and actually you don't even have to "grin" Them, to be quite by the way in the course of the Game-really " In Moving "-too much Money for the main battle-killing upgrades, to get to the helpful Card and a universal key. Especially the Music did it to me a lot, it really makes you Feel and I could listen to it every Day:) I found the following Tips, including a First-person science conversion option, a Link to The List of all Hats and Tips for Defeating the Spirits: Fun Fact: The Control Tower reminds You Somehow to the alien spires of GRAV, the current SF RPG of Bitmonster:D