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Long Gone Days

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Long Gone Days is a 2D modern-day character-driven military RPG that combines elements from visual novels and dystopian fiction, set in our own world during the present time.StoryThe game tells the story from the point of view of Rourke, a soldier from the Core, a highly isolated place below the surface of the Earth. After finding out the truth about the operation he's part of in Kaliningrad, he decides to abandon his post, not really knowing the overall consequences of deserting from an inescapable war.

During this journey he'll collaborate with several people from different parts of the world who will help him with language barriers, strategies and overall teamwork.GameplayBesides classical RPG elements, Long Gone Days borrows mechanics from other genres, like visual novels, puzzles, and shooters.

While the game does have enemy encounters, grinding will never be required as the characters do not level up, but learn stronger skills and upgrade their weapons as the story progresses. When planning your team formation for upcoming battles, you don’t have to worry about having under leveled team members.

Every character comes with their own set of skills, some which will make your life easier outside of battles, like the Interpreter class, which allows you to communicate with non-English speaking NPCs. You’ll also be able to craft and upgrade weapons and armor using the items you have collected.

Instead of magic, Long Gone Days uses "Morale". This stat affects the characters performance in battle. High Morale means better chance of critical attacks and higher evasion, while Low Morale will drop their accuracy and defense. If their Morale reaches zero, the character will lose their will to fight. To keep their Morale high, you must get to know your party members in order to understand how to motivate them during dialogues. A pessimistic character will not be motivated by mindless encouragement.Features
  • No random encounters or grinding: The battles are directly related to the plot. Instead of leveling up, your party members will learn new skills, upgrade their weapons and craft new items.
  • Keep the team's morale high: Once you have party members, choosing certain dialogue options will affect their Morale, which alters how they perform during battles. Keep in mind every character is motivated by different things.
  • Immersion: As you continue your journey through real world locations, some NPCs will speak in their native tongue. This means you'll need specific party members (interpreters) to help you out to buy at shops and complete quests.
  • Non-Fantasy: There are no magical or supernatural elements, only science and technology.
  • Battle Strategies: Plan your party lineup accordingly to exploit your enemy's weaknesses.
  • Take care of your team members: Taking quests from your own party members or engaging in conversations with them will improve their morale and thus their performance in battle.
  • Two battle systems: Front-view Turn-Based Combats and a Sniper Mode, which consists of Seek and Find mechanics.
Rourke is 22-year-old hot-blooded sniper from the Core. Up until the beginning of the story, he had never been deployed, being shadowed by the other snipers. Rourke is usually self-absorbed and nothing seems to interest him, unless he can benefit from it. His only motivation is being deployed to escape his monotonous life.

Adair is a 21-year-old combat medic from the Core. While he might come as a rude person because of his serious personality and lack of humour, he’s actually an honest guy who cares about others.

Lynn is a 23-year-old strategist living in Kaliningrad. She arrived to the shelters a couple of months before the start of the story. Besides planning defense strategies, she's an expert at bomb crafting.

Ivan Cherevatenko is a 29-year-old English-Russian interpreter from Kaliningrad. He works at the shelters, and lives with Lynn. While he refuses to fight, he helps the party by being their translator, and teaching them about the world.

There's more playable characters, but those will be revealed within the story!
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System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OSX 10.10 or higher

System requirements for Linux

  • OS: Ubuntu 14 or higher

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Long Gone Days reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Early Access Review I'Ve Come to finish the first chapter. The truth, exceeded my expectations regarding the demo:-The visual section is still impressive, and what's more, I think they added a few more cinematics, which makes it even more enjoyable. -At first I was reluctant for the combat to be dependent on the shooting zones, because it is less likely to hit the head or chest, making it slower and with a slightly high difficulty curve. But my perception changed since: 1) The fighting is not random: they are correctly positioned so that it is possible to advance without dying often. 2) Combat and items/equipment are balanced, as enemies make a more or less fixed amount of damage unlike us that we can choose where to aim, and secondary missions (implying their rewards) are never missing. -The story is not at all complex, it develops naturally, and while what we decide to respond does not affect much history, if it does to the mechanics of play (to the morality in particular) If I had to report a small flaws or bugs would be :-Blurring between scenes is sometimes very fast or almost non-existent, which makes it uncomfortable. -In the scene where Rourke and Adair come out of the lake and take the clothes off the hanger, the clothes remain there even if they have taken it. -It Was on one occasion, and I do not know if it happens in other places, but some objects that can interact with a little lag when opening the dialog box (I happened with a trash can).
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Early access review very good mix between Visual novel and classic JRPG with a few small phases at the sniper. It is difficult to judge fully the scenario because for now only one chapter is available for a game supposed to make 4, so I can criticize only chapter 1. The latter is about 3h long, plus if you do all the side quests. The scenario is relatively classical at the moment but the atmosphere and interactions between characters reinforce the immersion in the universe of this first chapter, namely a war in a province of Eastern Europe. The artistic direction is very good, the characters are nicely drawn, the pixel art paste is nice to look at, I do not have much to complain about it. The gameplay is made of exploration and combat passages inspired by classic JRPG like the FF SNES/PS1 or Golden Sun, there difference that here there are no random encounters or grind for levels, all fights are placed at specific locations, although some are totally preventable. This lack of grind and random encounters to the advantage of avoiding too annoying interruptions in the explorations parts and make the fights more balanced since the only means to change the stats go through equipment, objects consumables or combat capabilities. Fighting here, let's talk about it, these are turn by turn with a system of body parts that depending on the location allow to increase the damage inflicted, or paralyze the enemy, but with a higher or lesser risk of missing its target. There are special abilities with various effects that require "morale" to be used. Morale can be seen as the equivalent of PM in FF and is necessary to use the so-called abilities, but it also influences the effectiveness of the characters in combat, because the more it is high, the more damage they will inflict. The reverse is however possible because the less it will be higher the characters will be effective. Morale points can be achieved by performing various side quests, using objects but also by choosing the "right" answers when choosing dialogues. To finish with the gameplay there are also sniper phases that are very classic since it is only to aim one or more enemies and shoot them down. To summarize, this is a very good game, still unfinished and therefore at a fairly affordable price with developers still active on what is always a good sign. 8/10
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