Looterkings reviews

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Early Access Review So: Have Looterkings now played 4 Hours and once got to the Roter screen that ends the Run. I divide the Review into Graphic, Gameplay and Suggestions for Improvement. Graphic: The Graphics are simple but definitely have a Charm. The different Levels are all well designed and the Schemes of the Levels go together. Graphics Errors I could barely make by except 1-2 false Shades on the first Level. Gameplay: To get a quick Glimpse-It's similar to the binding of isaac. Each Level has Rooms strung in random Succession. In Addition, there is a Dealer and an Elevator, which should be used per Level. The Opponents come before one unbeatably strong at first But after 1-2 Hours I actually had a Tactic for every Opponent. Unfortunately, you can buy almost any opponent-That means almost all opponents have an extreme Weak point and mostly is the Paragraphs of all Kinds. With which we already come to the Suggestions For improvement: The Game is Fun and really friendly with friends-The Slogan is not exaggerated. But unfortunately hardly an Opponent is a Danger if you climb even on a Stone. The AI (If it's not Long-distance Fighters) then stand in front of the Stone and don't attack-With the Tactics you can play almost the Whole game. Conclusion: The Game is fun and that's so right! Rarely have I put Wow, Cs: Go, Dark Souls etc. away for an Evening and had so much Fun with another game without having in Mind That I want to play this or that. Having just been through, I actually want to start again immediately. Looterkings does a lot of things right here, especially considering that it's still in the EA. I just hope that will continue to be diligently continued to trade at the Game! I can only thank you and hope to contribute to the Improvement if necessary. Mfg TerroR P.s. Anyone who finds Spelling Mistakes may keep them. Edit: In the Future, there will be Edits at Bugs etc.-17.08.2016-A Map would be great. If you have found the Elevator but still need to search the Shop would help a Map. I've done a few times before and that would just save a bit Of Time. You could possibly include the Map as an Item that you have to look for or can buy in the Shop. Items after playing through: One Thing I don't understand in the Item System: You play a Round and make it through, you left ~ 400 Loot in the Shop and start a new Round. All the Items are gone. Where's the Point? Many Items cost 90 Loot + and probably some are even more expensive. If you play now four Either a good Equip or no one can put a good Gear together in the Course of the Game. That means I can unlock new Things but will never have a Run with many people where I can buy a lot and thereby become much stronger. Permanent Gameplay: I might still wish that after playing through you land at the lowest Level you keep everything but at a higher Level of difficulty-I think that would be a Meaningful extension to the current Gameplay. Usetime Play Joinen: I think it would be super practical if a running Game could be joint, because mostly games are open Just unfortunately I rarely find Lobbies. It would just be super enjoyable. -19.08.2016-Since I am running a lot of Solo at the Moment, I have noticed that the Lootdownscale ensures that today there is no Loot in Chests, Boxes etc. Then it would offer to remove the Sound of the Net-still comes at Empty Boxes or to put the Minimum Root for boxes etc on one. For Questions about my Suggestions for improvement, simply write a Comment:)