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Love Hues is a college visual novel packed with both character and world secrets. You'll be playing as Skyler (changeable name) and navigate your first few months at Falls West University, where you'll meet 5 romanceable characters who hide certain truths about themselves and the campus. 

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(Currently you can only play the demo version of Love Hues! The full version will be out around the end of 2018.)

Pick your appearance and pronouns!

Pick whichever main character appearance you like + your pronouns - you can romance or befriend anyone in the cast regardless of your choice! 

Choose wisely... 

Certain choices in routes will add new scenes to other routes you've already experienced or will unlock secret content. Learn as much as you can about Falls' true origins by exploring the game from every angle, and see if you can understand what everyone means when they whisper the Curiosity's name...

Branching stories - build a unique experience every time!

The full version of Love Hues has:

  • 100,000 words and counting, 
  • 27+ different endings,
  • Five full routes, including one secret route!

And, of course, plenty of CGs! The total CG number will likely be about 30.

The demo version of Love Hues has: 

  • 25, 225 words, 
  • 7+ distinct 'endings' and a number of event variations (i.e.  5 of the 7  'endings' are the cut off point of the route; the demo routes are not full routes)
  • Three partial routes,
  • And 9 CGs! (plus 1 that doesn't show up in the Gallery. The other 5 are permanently locked for the demo!)

Romance? Befriend? The choice is yours!

Every character's true ending  can be unlocked whether you choose to interact with them romantically or platonically! On that note; meet the romanceable cast + their alternate outfits! (They each have a minimum of 3 outfits though some have more!)

Toby: Shy but friendly first year Open Studies student who just finished a year of academic upgrading. They/them. Loves soccer!

James: Flirty third year pre-med student. He can befriend anyone and everyone and will never pass up on a coffee break with a friend. He/him. 

Devlin: Composed third year Fine Arts student. Devlin serves as the student union's Volunteer Coordinator and his quiet, professional personality can make him seem a little unapproachable. He/him.

Nova: Bright first year Arts student. Nova is well known as one of Falls' best amateur historians; her family goes back quite a way with the university and she's doing plenty of research on its strange past. She/her. Makes a cameo in the demo, but her route is not available.

Ava:  A quiet idealist who is frequently absent from both campus and her classes. She seems to know much more than the others... She/her. Makes a cameo in the demo, but her route is not available.

  • This game is aimed at ages 16 and up. It also has a EULA (covers liability, warranty, and persistent data) that'll either require you to be over the legal age of majority or to have a guardian sign it.
  • Please note that Love Hues contains some strong language, potential character deaths, suggestive themes, a brief alcohol mention and mild discussions around mental health, as well as potentially difficult family relationships in the full game. It does not contain NSFW content.
  • Credits roll automatically when you meet an ending and when you click the 'Credits' button in the main menu, but I also have a resource list that lists different posts on Lemmasoft that helped me make the game! You can find it here. 
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Oneirocritica Games
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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