Ludwig reviews

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Microsoft from French
The dialogues were the only thing that gave a little substance. Friendly, but often heavy. The universe was nice, but it took a lot more to make a good game. But there were some good ideas, and it could have been a very good educational game. But then, the questions asked tutoies the insult. The puzzle is solved in 20 to 30s, we pick up piles of objects without knowing what it will serve... While at one point we start to analyse residues of combustion of different objects, with the percentage and composition of the molecules, but the game makes absolutely nothing... In the end it is only possible to observe this waste of potential to make it accessible.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
A Game to Learn I found LUDWIG less interesting from the gameric Side but more from the learning and Pupil Side. Gameplay Naja Ludwig is cute Robot, you scan environments and then have to give one of 3 Answers to a Question. Then you can read through a Data entry in the Database if you want. Otherwise, you get side missions where you can and should find Stuff over and over again. This includes Upgrading tools that can be used to improve your Equipment. But these Upgrades only help save Energy or increase Capacity. The only Threat in the Game is the Energy around which everything revolves. A lot Of Things need Energy, but you can practically get an infinite amount of Batteries in certain Places or produce Energy in different Ways later. It's just a Learning Game and not a Survival game. Basically, the whole Game is about Energy Generation and the Alternatives. Therefore, you simply go through many different Worlds (Combustion, Hydropower, wind Power, Solar Energy) and have to solve specific Puzzles on these Topics. Story The Story is relatively cute. There is no Violence and the Characters conduct a bit of blunted But funny Dialogues. In particular, the "spaceship" Rots you around in a glorious Tone. But still, the Developers have come up with a lot of coming up to pack the Core Point "Energy" Well into the Story. You come from a foreign Planet and you just have to learn all Kinds of Energy. Later, one has to apply this Knowledge to save Humanity. Graphic Naja may have been a bit behind, but the Style fits well. However, the Game sometimes takes longer to open the Database or analyze certain Things. That's when it stickes. Verdict LUDWIG is more of a Learning Program than a Game. It was developed in Vienna and is aimed at students of the ka. 4-7 Class and is intended to provide entertaining information about Energy. This Goal also fulfills the Game very well, I, too, have learned a lot. I'd put the Game in front of my Kids as well (if I had any). Personally, I like games like that, which are supposed to make and had my Fun at the Game. In addition, it costs "just" €10 and for this Price I think it is worth buying:) Did the Review help you? Then follow me in my Steam Group, where I write my Reviews as a Curator.