m87 Black Hole 3D Interactive Game - Prototype

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Explorer the Galaxy around the m87 Black Hole.

This is a game concept where you can free fly around the galaxy to know more about the mysteries of the m87 Black Hole in the Virgo Cluster.

I have lots of ideas and nothing os moneys and I need your help.

The universe will be, well, infinite, but full populated with people from all over the places, AI, and no, It will not be fully procedural with repeating things and gathering all over the place. It will be a Quest-Oriented game. You WILL have a purpose to be in that place doing those things.

Or maybe not :)

Multiplayer maybe?

A Battle Royale mode maybe?

I don't know.

Check this out. Give me your feedback. Tell me what you see.

WEB Version has messed up shaders and textures. Try the Windows version to see it in full glory. Android version next?

Please share and support.

Thanks for your help.


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m87 Black Hole 3D Interactive Game - Prototype screenshot, image №1901404 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Apr 19, 2019

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