MacGyver Bomb

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-> Features

  - Number of Players: 2-8

   - Build, and dismantle a bomb with your friends  MacGyver Style!

   - Remove blocks using objects from your environment.

   - Below you have a list of materials, plus download the game manual and list of symbols needed to create the game.

-> Materials needed to create the game

   - 1 Jenga Game

   - 2 six-sided die

   - 1 sheet of paper to print the symbols

   -  Glue pads

   -  Scissors

-> So I don't have anything needed?

   -> Click me to buy the Jenga game <- 

   -> Click me to buy the die <- 

   -> Click me to buy the glue <-

-> So I have the game but don't have any die ?

   Online six sided dice

   Online counter

-> So I  don't want to print, cut and glue the symbols to the blocks and also not draw lines on the blocks?

   Use the online six-sided dice to decide the objects needed to remove the blocks.

   Use the online six-sided dice to decide the color of the block, odd red, even green.

-> Special Thanks

   Beatriz Valente

   Danielle Diniz

   João Miguel Gonçalves

   João Ricardo Pereira

   João Vieira Jorge

   Sandro Simes

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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