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Mad Digger

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The treasure lies at a depth of more than 100 yards. That's a job for the Mad Digger!
Once Grandpa Pecos decided to share a secret with his grandson — there's a hidden treasure buried somewhere on the former mine. But there's one problem. The treasure lies very deep underground at a depth of more than 100 yards! Then the grandson thought about his friend, the Mad Digger. He's the only one to get things done.
Your task is to dig deeper and deeper until you find the treasure. It's not as simple as it seems. The oxygen runs out with every descent, you need to extract minerals to improve your equipment and tools as well as to buy grenades and dynamite to make the descent faster.Equipment description:
Pickaxe — your main tool. Upgrade it to dig faster and more efficiently.
Oxygen Tank — allows you to stay underground for a long time. Upgrade it to increase the time limit.
Drill — a big drill which allows you to pass the first layers much faster and collect more resources.
Grenade — has a small radius of action, but all the blocks blown up by a grenade never go waste, and if they contain something useful (resource or oxygen), you will take it.
Dynamite — has a large radius of action, it is very convenient when you need to quickly cover a considerable distance. Dynamite has a drawback when compared to a grenade: it destroys everything in its path, and if you blew a block with a resource, you won't get it.
RadWater — water with moderate radiation dose. It makes the Digger 10 times stronger and faster while active.

Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: WindowsXP or later
  • Processor: 1300 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB or higher
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Jan 26, 2020

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Day 1
Finish the first day of digging
Danger place
Complete the game to a dangerous place
Grenade launcher
Use 30 grenades
Happy end
Get the treasure
Experienced demoman
Use 30 dynamits
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Mad Digger reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Well, it's indie!.. Mad Digger-Two-button runner, came from mobile devices. About The game Gameplay gameplay is simple and monotonous. We have to dig, simultaneously collecting resources, using only two keys: A and D-the rest you just do not need. But If it does not forget about oxygen, if it will end, it is necessary to start anew. Where to go the resources? On improvements, of course. We Improve the pickaxe-digging a new breed, improving the oxygen cylinder-digging longer, improving the drill-have a great start. When you move to a new level, the tools we need to start pumping anew and so until the game is over. Grenades, dynamite and water in the game it is called RedWater, on the game page in the steam Radvoda will be constantly in the store, will constantly have the same price, will constantly help you dig. And the developer has made it so that without these auxiliary tools you will not work-some breeds can not dig a pickaxe, then the help comes dynamite and pomegranate. Graphics still remain under the impression of graphics. Eyes ache, and sometimes some stains appear. It is Quite unclear why the developer has not made a change in brightness in the game, at least. The Color of the blocks is Vyviglazny. Also about drawing Nothing good you will not say. Graphics-a pretty weak aspect of the game. Other Plot He's here, by the way. There are even plot inserts in the form of a crooked comic. What is it About? Yes, that's right. Grandpa told his grandson that somewhere under the ground buried treasure. What about the grandson? He found the murderer, oh, that is, the Mad Kopatel, who was his friend. And He, of course, can handle this work. The Music Knocked out almost immediately. There is only one, constantly playing, a composition that is very annoying. Bugs, Fici, incomprehensible conflict Sometimes a character gets stuck in blocks, sometimes it digs them a few pieces And not even two. This is what is being searched almost immediately. Perhaps There are bugs and worse in this game. The Result of Mad Digger-a game that everyone will forget. Even on the phones, she did not have much fame. I'm not disappointed, of course, as I have been waiting for something like this from this game. This game is most suitable only for + 1 in the library, well, or for those who have absolutely nothing to play. P.S. Don't forget to subscribe to the curator Reviews online.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free I just finished catching fish, beetles and monsters in Starbound when I was offered to play Mad Digger. Frankly, at first I wanted to get mad, turn the table and jump out the window, but later, a little cool, decided still to give a chance to this game, especially as the author almost personally promised me that you do not have to catch anyone, collect and even kill. Just dig. Dig down. Well, let's start! Mad Digger-This is a very simple game about the endless deepening down. There is an uncomfortable and crooked control, monotonous monotone melody on the background, primitive drawing and – ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥! -The desire to replay again and again! However, the frequent "problem" of primitive games is just recplayability. This can be told to you for a few lectures by the same secretaries of the beginning of the zero, capable of up to eight hours a day without having to break out to lay out Spider Solitaire on their office computers. It is impossible to call Anything other than madness. First, you just dig in, until your old and rusty ballon is over oxygen. You spend All the treasures you have on improving your equipment. Instead of a grandfather hoe you buy a normal pickaxe, following change a leaky cylinder on modern. Every day you "dive" deeper, plunging into the madness of your own egg is all the more unbecoming and undisgusting. Sometimes the words you say are sound logical, but at times you think you've just invented new ones. Or at the depth of all the symptoms of oxygen starvation (it seems that the wise people on the top call it Hypoxkiei, but is it?), or the thickness of the earth around morally crushes the arrogant dare. Wealth allows you to buy more serious tools like borax, greatly accelerating the opening of external layers that are no longer interested in so obsessed with the depths of the Kopatel, but also opens up new connections, and now you are using illegally bought Explosives to move on. It comes to drugs, you're almost at the limit. Able to hire a whole army of workers, you still keep waking up every day with the feeling that today you will succeed. And once a pickaxe under your blow falls into the void with you... That is The most indescribable feeling, when the game has passed, and it turned out that this is the first level. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CURATOR AND JOIN THE GROUP
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