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Game Details:
-Take up the role of Cello, a brave young girl who wants to protect the land of Yohoo from the influence of another dimension, Wahoo.
-A short story, roughly 5 to 7 hours to beat.
-Monsters you encounter are added to the Encyclopedia. See if you can find all of them!
-"Yohoo" is styled after Europe, and "Wahoo" is styled after Japan. Both names come from Japanese. European-style = Yofuu (洋風)/Japanese-style = Wafuu (和風). The more you know, right?
-This is intended to be a light and humorous game. Don't expect any gritty realism or dark and dreary twists. Think of it as a light, fluffy snack. Like the game version of strawberry shortcake!
-I'd love to make a sequel at some point, but, well... We'll see how people like this first! If enough people like it, I'll try to make the sequel a bit larger. (I'm aiming to release this nebulous next one in a year and a half, regardless.)

Battle System:
-Classic turn-based combat.
-A simple but fun battle system. (Honestly, the complexities of recent RPG battle systems drive me crazy. Keep it simple, keep it fun!)
-A focus on battle tempo, rather than complexity.
-Only two types of equipment: sword and shield. Equipment weight affects the speed of your actions.
-Three types of attack: Physical, Fire, and Ice. Every monster has a weak point!
-Cast spells to damage your enemies or heal.

please read a manual.

[email protected]
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Memory: 300 MB RAM
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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MAGATAMA Earrings reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Magatama Earrings is in many Ways a classic JRPG with all its Ups and Downs Of gameplay The Gameplay of the Game is inspired by Genre fighters like the Dragonquest series. You explore the Environment, fight in a Lap battle system against Enemies attacking via Randomencounter (the Enemies are not visible on the Map, but you have to fight every few Steps). Dungeons are more Pass-through areas than really gameplay-like. In the same one, one often finds Treasures in the Form of Equipment, Healing Objects and Money. The Combat System is the simplest of the simple. In other words, 1:1 is only ever fought against one opponent at a Time. On The Right of the picture there is a Magic from three different Schools (Fire, Ice, Healing) as well as the Possibility to attack with one of the Weapons already acquired (Weapons interchangeable during combat) and the Use of Heilitems. Weapons and Armor can be found or purchased. There are all the readable Weapons and Armor Available right from the start (outside the one you can find) Graphics, Soundtrack The Graphics are mostly nice to watch, but once you hit NPCs, it looks a bit ridiculous. These are Drawn, while all the Rest is kept in Render Graphics. Sounds weird, looks like it, too. It would have been Better to either draw everything or keep everything in Rendering Optics. The monster designs, on the other Hand, succeeded Well. The Soundtrack is generically but appropriately implemented. Unfortunately for Boss Fights there is no separate Theme and he only sounds the normal Fighting Music. Pro-nice OST-successful Opponent design Kontra-NPCs drawn, Character and Environment in Rendering graphics (Graphic Style Breaks)-in Full Screen no Way to finish the Game except with Alt+F4-instead of Game Over you start from "home" and lose a Pile Of Money (50%) Verdict I really would have liked to give the Game a better Rating, especially as the Criticisms would have been really avoidable. The Idea of establishing a Game Over Free System is not a bad one, but the Implementation has unfortunately not succeeded, as in The end You have more Stress than simply reloading the Game. A "Quit" Button in the Menu is missing completely. You either have to use the Task Manager (which can take longer) or Alt+F4. Unfortunately, the Graphics, which make up a large part of the Charm at JRPGs, are inconsistently implemented. A Game completely in the Style of the NPCs would have been preferable to me and would have suited the Narrative Style of the Game more. A Complete Solution in the Game Folder would have been such an Enrichment, since I now stand completely on the Hose after the third boss, where I have to go and my only Clue is one of these generic JRPG labyrinth forests in which I am sure I will already have one or two I have spent hours without finding out and there is nothing on the Net to date. Even if you left the Forest out of the roof, I can't make a Buy recommendation To the Game.
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