Maia reviews

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Early Access Review I have now given the Game several Years but it is still the Basics that make it virtually unplayable and really new Features are to be counted on one Hand. Cons:-The PHP is ghastly. Really ghastly .. -The AI of the Settlers is catastrophic. 99.9% of all Deaths would be avoidable if your Settlers just did something meaningful but no Even though You have tons of food they don't come up with the Idea of what to eat or the Opposite They prefer to embrace and stand stupid in the Area instead of the plants to him Were harvested or to process. -Did I say the PHP is atrocious? -Meaningful new Ding-/features take forever to get into the Game, at the Moment it's just a bit pretty. -Especially for new Players, the first Game starts are extremely frustrating, the starting Resources are far too scarce. You have to know pretty well what you're doing otherwise you quickly run out of Food and it's called game over. -You can only give Orders to the Settlers very indirectly. One Recognizes, for example, that there is a Bottleneck, because the Settlers simply cannot worry about certain Things, there is little to do about giving the Settlers a Pat. Usually you don't have much left but to switch off everything else so that someone goes slowly towards the Problem Zone, but often this Does not help either and the Settlers are just around or running back and forth instead of collecting Important resources. When it comes to Space-building, you can provide Things with high Prio, but this only helps to a limited Extent. -Feedback from the Settlers can be obtained through a Kind of SMS. These nice meant IC Messages, should probably give rise to RP feeling, go after a short but unbelievable also the Bag and you just click it away, like to ignore an important one. Pros:-Nice Idea .. Much Potential-The Developer is active in the Forum. And tries to help. (At least he has it until about 1 Year ago.) -Sci-Fi-ääh a lot of Potential? ... Btw.. I had some nice Conversations via Forum with the Developer and all my Comments have always been commented on sensibly by the Developer ... But still, I just think he totally took over. All my problems highlighted Are still more or less in Play. He just doesn't get To grips with the problem with AI despite unendless messing around .. And that really kills all the Fun Of the game. I don't want to insinuate anything nasty, but I look at the last extending/Patches I believe the Game has arrived in Zombie Care state. You already know that from other dead EAs, it's just done if you do something and from time to time an Alibi patch comes in.