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Malebolgia is an atmospheric horror action/adventure, set in an old demonic palace, situated in the deepest Circle of Hell. The characters and story are inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno”, the ranks and nobility of the “Ars Goetia” and European history at the dawn of the 20th century.

As the old and battle-weary Leopold, you are forced to fight your way through this desolate and cold bastion of Hell, filled with macabre ghouls, fiendish devils and gargantuan monsters. On his desperate quest for freedom, Leopold encounters familiar faces and slowly comes to realize why he is trapped inside the palace. Is there truly escape from the Beast itself?Key Features:
  • A haunted palace to venture through, ever-changing with the passage of time and weather. As day fades into night, once visited areas will feature new threats and attackers. A raging blizzard may subside to clear a path, while a fiery inferno may trap you amongst the ravenous undead.
  • A deliberately paced combat system to fend off the demons. Wield your torch and halberd well against the numerous vicious enemies and abhorrent bosses. These are not threats to outrun, but opponents to best in battle.
  • A cel-shaded visual style that utilizes the contrast of light and shadow for an atmospheric and memorable experience.
Release date
Jochen Mistiaen
Jochen Mistiaen
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Phenom II 940 (@3.0Ghz)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 4890HD
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Malebolgia reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
I Did Not know it was Malebolgia until I run it for the first time, I had only seen a couple of images of what seemed a game of Psone, go Sorpresón take me to devote more than half an hour to what in the beginning seemed a rare clone of Dark Souls , and in essence it is no more than that a simplified Dark Souls, and copies it well. In Malebolgia We incarnate the knight Leopold who returns to the Castle of Malebolgia to find that this has been invaded by some strange demons and he must liberate the castle from evil. The game tells us almost nothing and we will have to guess what is going on talking to the NPC´s and exploring the Castle. The design of the Castle is quite good, everything is interconnected and gives the feeling that it has been designed entirely, however, the rooms are very similar between them and more than a while we will walk without knowing where we are or not knowing where to go, because , we are not explained at any time that we should do or where we should go, which we must discover exploring the castle on our own. We Have The help of a map a little useless and in the end we will wander through the castle following the map that we have done in the head. If There is a word that I think could define this game is minimalism, the graphics are cubes taken from Psone, but improved, more as a technical choice that aesthetic, the style that will define artistically the game and the truth is that they work; I remember that mod that removed the textures of GTA V, and left a Skyline as beautiful as desolate; Grey and orange predominate and above all black, because if something is in Malebolgia is darkness. The faces and designs of enemies and characters (THAT HAT) are not very inspired by specific cases, and as I said almost everything seems to model based on cubes, as old. The gameplay of the game is based on 4 buttons, it is not a difficult game but if it costs to dominate, something like Dark Souls, but without near depth, there is a weapon and two attacks, however the fighting against final enemies are quite gratifying and what Sufiecientemente Difficult for you to try several because they are based on trial and error, in addition to the study of movements of the enemy, as in (if you have guessed) Dark Souls, however the other reference of the game are the Surviving Horror ancient, the game does not try to Scary, but you're in constant tension, many times the best option is to dodge the enemies, and the atmosphere is very dark and suffocating, and occasionally you can take some of them. However the game is not based on fixed cameras and the control is quite agile despite how rough it is. The saving system is to go to save point and save, if you kill back to the last point where you saved and back to start, which greatly increases the tension. The sound is almost non-existent, you only hear the steps, the wind and the rain that hits the castle. Malebolgia is a rare game, not a bad game from my point of view and does interesting things like trying to catch the design and control of today and try to make a game of 15 years ago; But of course I do not think it is a game for everyone, however its atmosphere catches, combat is gratifying despite its awkwardness and simplicity, has some pretty good end enemies, and its beauty is simplistic and harmonious, also has touches of terror and Theology, still do not stop seeing too many elements of Dark Souls in this game, and not if that is good or bad, of course if you want to lose for 4 or 5 hours exploring an abandoned castle and fighting demons is your game.
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