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Marrow is a 2D, Cosmic-Horror themed, action-adventure game emphasizing challenge, puzzles, platforming, combat and navigation. Leap, crawl, slash and blast your way through the cavernous bowels of a menacing mountain in a quest to find your lost friends who now cry out for help, shrouded by the thick, living dark of the nameless peak's innards. A rotted town, crypt and Manor are merely the membrane which cover the deeper, undulating terrors left to decay countless years ago beneath the mud and rock.

Marrow's setting is a burial site, made with purpose to mask the devices and cosmic crimes of those who occupied the hill's once flat terrain, now broken and mangled within the mountain's insides.

Echoing within the hollows are the screeches and bellows of this realm's old inhabitants, shades and abominations seeking to forget the noxious truths and presences they uncovered with their unbridled experiments, attacking those who disrupt their shallow grave and mingling with the spirits of those seeking redemption, who are keen to guide you. You who might contain the grit and steely mind to face the mountain's darkest, imprisoned Secret and free them all from their sins.

Marrow will test your wits and reflexes, forcing you to face off against dozens of enemy types, either through avoidance or confrontation using the small number of still usable blades and relics left inside the mountain.

Search and explore every dark corner of Marrow's setting to increase your Grit (vitality) and Clarity (magic). Grasp new skills like Pyro-burst and Grit Regain. Use the last Luminous Orb to create tones, defend against enemy attacks and solve riddles. Enter the Fissures to uncover the Echo Realm, pull back the veil of reality and explore the world with a different perspective, but be mindful of the new dangers which dwell at the edge of normal perception. Light torches and braziers to illuminate your way, blast from spot to spot using the Orbital Anchors, and much more!

Look and Listen. The Orphans are lost within the mountain, but when nearby you can hear them chanting a familiar song, one shared between you and your friends. Follow the withering melody and send the lost children back to the mountains top, to the house on the hill.


-A subterranean world to explore and survive made up of many unique, handcrafted areas, Not random, Not procedural
-Dozens of ghastly ghosts, shades and otherworldly monsters, with their own quirks and weaknesses to contend with
-Numerous Bosses, some optional, stand between you and the Secret of the mountain
-Light your way, uncover the glistening Medallions of the deep to better illuminate the path ahead, ignore these crucial items at your own peril, without them you may find yourself nearly blind in the depths
-An ending hidden behind more than just the final boss, save your friends or suffer a fate worse than even those you left behind
-A persistent world, enemies beaten will remain beaten until a Save Point is activated, reanimating your once defeated foes (Bosses not included). Do you go back to heal but once again face the enemies, or stay the course and face the unknown ahead?
-SEND ME BACK, found an item but low on health, warp back to the last save room, but beware, if you attempt this rite after the Bell has rung it may prove fatal, robbing you of your progress
-Post Game Modes, Finish the game once (under any condition) to unlock Echo Mode and Survival Mode
-Survival Mode, face the challenge of finishing the game with a set number of lives, after your last one, the game will reset and save, forcing you to start over from scratch, Oh No! Don't worry about your friends though, they are safe but have left you dolls of themselves in the places they were hiding before, which now act as an Extra Life in survival mode! The goal is simple, beat the final boss as fast as you can and brag about your best Score
-Echo Mode, view the entire game as if you are in the Echo Realm
-Mix and Match your modes! Want to play Survival Mode and Echo Mode simultaneously, you can!
Release date
Fever Dream Gameworks
Fever Dream Gameworks
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.4 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Marrow reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Do you Think you're a hardcore gamer? Do you Like to run from distant chekpoints to bosses by ten times? How about the good old opponents, so loved by us back in the ancient Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden? Mmmmm, these are so cute hearts falling from narrow platforms, how many emotional moments you bring into my heart... Yes, and yes, gentlemen, though Metrodvania for the most part do not provide us with difficult tests, but Marrow clearly does not belong to this majority. The Game from the beginning makes it clear that we are not loved and do not expect: an excessively dark environment, the character barely sees in a couple of steps. From a weapon-a rusty knife, and from enemies-a heap of bloodthirsty, alive and moving creatures which to all other still and are not always distinguishable in the surrounding darkness. Our character-a boy of 12 years, though seriously tuned, but still sticky and fragile, so forget about the Supermenalny in the style of ALUPDA and in any incomprehensible situation better to drag, the benefit of no expa and no luta from the local menagerie does not fall. Survivalism in Marrow-the basis of life, because to restore health can be only on Chekponytah or special skill, available only from half of the game. What else do you have to scare? How about the toughest bosses, whose victory depends purely on 30% of your skill and 70% of your luck (personally, I did not exaggerate, I was going to the first boss once 30, and the memories of the last I have a tantrum, flashbacks and nightmares.)? In addition to all this, the game is completely missing the card and pause, and check the health of our protagonist can only a certain number of times. So, have you thought about playing? And in vain, because the game is not about it, it is complex, but not unbearable. Through the sweat and suffering, finding the cherished crystals, Daniel (protagonist) becomes alive, gets the best weapon, and most importantly-finds talismans, making the world around brighter (though not at all Kinder). Yes, there will be many moments where you have to torment, but this is the best way to feel the whole nightmarish, alien and unfriendly world of Marrow, with all its strange and bizarre inhabitants. I can not take off my hat in front of the developer-for the whole game I have hardly seen a couple of times something unoriginal (perhaps crawling bubbles, like a came of a metronome), no bats, rats, snakes and other habitual creatures-everywhere the minimum contact with Familiar to US world. Lor game is served exclusively graphically-no text (except for the names of locations and the main menu). The more surprising how this approach in this case is justified-visiting the most different nooks of the underworld, revealing the secrets, suddenly finding a unnoticed room earlier, saving his friends or wandering through the monochromatic world Echo in the guise of a small and Defenseless creature, you begin to slowly collect the local "mythology" on the Groats. There is a lot of Understatement in the game, but here it is more played on hand, as it is supposed to be a good horror (to the genre of which Marrow is not the gameplay, but the atmosphere). It is not superfluous to mention here an incredible work with sound. Music-Memorable and atmospheric, the track from the first level very much gives the films of Carpenter. Sound design is good and accurate, it gives 50% of the whole atmosphere. And Now you can also scold: I will not overcling to the excessive complexity of the game, apparently, the developer just likes to kick players (and in comparison with his next game, Exoder, this looks like an easy walk), but completely "dishonest" bosses will You're a lot of a mess. In this situation, the Survival mode option is puzzling, where the player has only a few lives in stock-but we are not so masochists, right? The Second minus: it is simply impossible to play on the keyboard. And If you have been able to pass a couple of first locations, then from the moment of receiving the resonance Sphere, which will have a long time to forget either about the keyboard, or about the game. What else can I say? If you are hardcore retro-gamer, who has taken megamen and ninja-Gayden for lunch, like gloomy adventure games, or love to smash your head over obscure plots, if you are looking for something original in game design, if such samples of unusual games like suteF or Gyossait impressed you, then be sure to try, but be careful-Marrow is quite able to absorb you for a long time.
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