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Mayhem Triple

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  • New features exclusive to Steam!
    Xbox controller support, widescreen graphics, cloud saving, Steam achievements, trading cards and more have been added to this new version of the game.
  • Over 20 weapons, ranging from cool to just plain weird!
    You're not going to find a gun that shoots bear traps anywhere else.
  • Tight controls and precise combat!
    Whether using a controller or mouse and keyboard, feel in complete control as you accurately aim guns while diving, sliding or walljumping around levels.
  • Unique time traveling New Game+!
    Uncover the mystery of saving the world by traveling back in time. Carry your arsenal back to the beginning to change the past and alter your fate. There's unique dialog for up to 5 time loops!
  • Unlock powerful Illuminati treasure!
    Defuse sticky hostage situations and solve complex puzzles to collect keys and earn perks.
Release date
Dustin Gunn
Dustin Gunn
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any system capable of hardware rendering.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 120 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Pegging Fetish
Stake 30 bunnies to a wall.
Head Him Off At The Pass
Decapitate The Dire Bunny.
Beat The Game
Just beat it!
Alpha's Omega
Permanently kill the birthed alpha bunny.
Slices of You
Find a better way to kill a mech.
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Mayhem Triple reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
I play the free version there is a lease after an unannounced Monday of SadPanda. the game literally takes no space on your disk (70 MB), the steam version has a level editor and supports the community mods. Triple mayhem is a rather cool action game pretty close to bleed (or Max Payne in 2D and sidescroller) and makes you face a menacing army of space rabbits, armed with 9 mm abbord in Akimbo you're going to have to save the world and look cool by doing it e n using moult jumps, rolls and bounces on the walls. For 5 euros, it's an excellent arcade and fomad experience and as our Anglo-Saxon friends would say ' ' completly over the top ' '. Yes I recommend, just because this version is much better than the free version.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
EYE: The review guides you well without spoilers. Spoilers (black lines) give more information, but could ruin some parts of the story that are "surprise." I bought it at 69% off. And from what I pay, it's great. Still at full price I recommend it! Finish the game at the first sitting. 2 hours of gameplay, and apparently you can repeat it without starting from 0! Since you're back in time. As soon as the second playthrough is over, I change my review if necessary. The game is great, has a pretty good humor and references that more than once have made me laugh. It'S Violentovertido, nothing that makes you vomit from gore, but it doesn't make it seem like a kid's game. The story is basically that Rabbits of the future came to Earth and are trying to invade, and by certain events you must save the world! :D The gameplay is simple, it's a shooter platform game. You Have different weapons, from pistols, to SMG's, to shotguns, to alien laser beams, crossbows, Rpg, grenades, and several others. The weapons get them buying and Encontrándolas pulled. Every you kill a rabbit/foe you loose money you use to buy things with your dealer. There are Also occasions where you have to save hostages that give you keys to unlock abilities (like doing more damage, exploding heads, and the best of all: having comfortable pants and being able to lie down at the moment of crouching. I know, it's too cool. The game consists of 4 enemies and 2 bosses: The Rabbits, a thing that looks like a cow..? A metal penis (is serious) and one thing to die revive >: v. And of chiefs we have a giant rabbit and the final boss who is a rabbit in a robot suit. The game ONLY comes in English, so I do not recommend to buy if you do not understand English, because the dialogues are GREAT, you laugh and if you do not read not know anything (not like you find out much, the truth, but do not miss so bad). A solid 8.5/10. The game is great but it might seem very short for some people, but for the price it has it's perfect! I Don't know if there are more than two lines of time. It's Probably just the first gameplay and the second where you try to do it all over again. But If there are more than two times you can play without having to start from 0, it would be great! .
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