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Mechs V Kaijus

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In Mechs V Kaijus you take on the role of the commander of a powerful Mechs squadron. Directly controls the Mech Odin and manages the squad members. Strategically place towers and traps on the battlefield in tactical mode to create an impenetrable defense. Use powerful skills and deploy support units, such as tanks and drones, on the combat zone.
Use the technological tree to unlock upgrades, towers and abilities, and use all available resources to save the civilization of the Kaijus hordes.

Mechs V Kaijus provides an easy to understand but challenging gameplay, a dizzying and highly addictive experience that will make you feel that the Kaijus will always win. Fans of the Tower Defense genre will find in this game a real challenge in advanced difficulty levels.
Finalist for best PC game of the 2017 National Video Game Contest (Uruguay) for its art and introduction of innovative mechanics within the Tower Defense, Mechs V Kaijus genre proposes a very dynamic gameplay where you have to use all the available arsenal to advance in the campaign.
Release date
Doble Punch Games
tenacious718, Doble Punch Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Dual Core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Grind 'Em All!
Drop 250 Grinders
Nematodah Slayer! (bronze)
Kill the Giant Kaiju, Nematodah (easy)
Survivalist One Master
Reach Wave 25 of Survival 1
Im in hurry!
Buy research the Ultimate Weapon Charger mk1
Im in Diamond League!
Complete Episode 1 in Easy
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Mechs V Kaijus reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review "It's Time to work out your salary." Here with such slogan the team of mobile fur-heavyweights are thrown on the wall and ordered to restrain the attack of monsters, which is not equal to the United Army of humanity. Very familiar and very warm to relive those moments that are strikingly similar to the plots of the Gospel, Full Eclipse and in general all the anime and scenes, where it was necessary to stand the unbreakable wall of mobile fur-units against monstrous horror. Some of these associations were in my mind. But to run on the field will not succeed-for this there are tank compounds in reserve. But it will be possible to shoot-Odin can and cannot be lowered from the wall, but it is possible to transfer a hurricane of fire on the most critical directions, behind which mercenaries hardly can keep track. The game's Interest in limitations. Missions are not easily given. Sometimes you calculate the location of walls and turrets for different types of freaks. But you can and often miscalculate. Of Course, you can bypass any restrictions-the same lack of cash reserves can be bypassed by the repeated passage of the first missions, and then the defense in Survival mode (at the time of this review has reached only 21 levels, "Camels" are rigidly pressed with Distance, the forces of Odin for their battle is not enough). Technical imperfections, if any, are not particularly noticeable, almost invisible. For Example, sometimes in the mode of defensive tablet is difficult to click the module to upgrade it (actually problematic to unhook the mouse cursor this turret or wall). I Recommend for fans of active defense towers-just to arrange the tower and sit idly not interesting.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review Mehdi, Kaiju, the mountains of explosions and utter spitting to your nerves-this is what can give you this creation. Nice graphics reminiscent of old games, attention to detail and an interesting approach to some of the events of missions (which is a battle on the collapsing bridge, when with each wave you have less space to erect collapsing barricades or protection of residential area during the evacuation while at the very edge of the map you are desperately holding back the endless flow of thick-skinned voracious critters, watering the krypkalbernymi shells under the creaking of teeth and quiet swearing). The Plot is simple, but interesting, as in the anime: We work for a certain organization, prepared from unknown time to the fact that humanity will be put on the pedestal of the Crown of creation and with the words "It's high wages" sent to keep the defense at the opening after Powerful earthquake next to the deserted huge hole in the ground, whence begin to dig hordes of huge critters. The Scale and impotence of the military show in the first missions, when the smallest of our opponents with ease crush under their carcasses clumsy and puny tanks, demolished interfering forests and crumble multi-storey buildings with the same ease as if those of cardboard. The Front is slowly but surely moving deeper into the urban areas with each mission, and enemies with annoying or even frightening speed are becoming more diverse and more dangerous. To Pass the game one step will not come, especially in the beginning-amateurs to test themselves for strength without passing the tasks find a severe shortage of resources, even at a minimum level of difficulty, and at the end of the campaign even at this very minimum level Enemies will force to restart the fight again and again, forcing to gnaw in every dollar spent, trying to squeeze from the fragile creations of man all that is possible, while on the screen is a real massacre and the Holocaust. Sometimes I personally faced the situation when I had to throw reinforcements directly into the thick of huge running acid tanks to save the barely holding power walls and send to the enemies of continuous flow of troops, partly simply to make those heroically Fished enemy fangs, plasma and acid sprays while you scrape the last penny into additional artillery or wait for the remaining seconds to trigger a new rocket attack. Unfortunately few games can boast of such scale, especially among tower defense
Now the game doesn’t cost the money. Guys, find you a good QA to test projects first! So many bugs, they turn the game in complete trash. Fix them at least. I don’t even talk about limited options for upgrades and a totally broken sound system.  
I like this setting, and I’m a big fan of Pacific Riff, so the game was entertaining for me. I didn’t expect so much content, so you’ll be surprised with the amount of extras, bonuses, upgrades and other enjoyable features. I think, this game is highly recommended for players, who want something more than just a tower defense, but prefer to progress quickly and don’t spend much money on the game.  
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