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Midnight Ultra

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In the American Southwest, a lone witch hunter travels across the desert, seeking to wipe out cultists of all sorts. Fight a variety of goons and ghouls, through small towns to dimension-spanning motels. Inspired by DOOM, Quake, and action games of yore, blast your way through a neon-dripped, pixelated nightmare in this high-speed, high-thrills FPS. No recharging shields: you'll need to play smart or find healthpacks to stay alive. You're not invincible, after all. Choose a melee weapon and a ranged weapon of your choice: mix and match, choose between chopping and blasting your enemies down to size. Change how the game looks to fit your taste: unlockable color palettes change how Midnight Ultra looks entirely. Double jump and dodge your enemies: your fast and nimble feet will let you leap across levels, over enemies heads, and between platforms. Moody and surreal story: not everything is at it seems, and the physical trappings of reality aren't always guaranteed...
Forward Instinct
Forward Instinct
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1.80GHz Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video card with 512MB of VRAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Midnight Ultra reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
I wrote a half-hour review-and because of the steam it erased, so the review will be much shorter than planned. We will Discuss the game in parts: Gameplay, Visuals, sound, plot. Gameplay: Frankly Speaking about him nothing sensible, you can immediately see that the developer went only on the visual concept. The Usual "Oldschool" fps, nothing about it is not to say, but how it is made... It is made crooked and damp, the shooting is not felt at all, the weapons have turned out (in terms of implementation) squalid. All in order. Revolver-the most normal barrel in the game, but I can not understand how the bullets are arranged, that is why they are so implemented. Let's say you have 50 cartridges-10 shots, 5 rounds-1 shot (both for the revolver and for the trim), I understand if we shoot from the doom, but it happens to the revolver. You can forget About the shotgun, it's not there, it's easier to kill with a revolver, to understand how bullets are flying impossible. The Machine is basically made normally, nothing like that. Melee Weapons made too crooked, it is best to just choose a knife, it is the fastest. The Game wants to look beautiful, but because of its stylistics levels turn into a porridge of their three colors, especially noticeable on the more open levels. Sometimes you have to peer into the picture to understand what is what. Visual: I bought a game For him. I like Him, but in many ways he creates problems. Sometimes It is difficult to notice the enemies, some need to find the sound, sometimes looking at something to notice. Sometimes There are not enough flowers, you can notice halturku on the levels. The Whole color scheme consists of 4 colors, but colors can also be changed. In Darkness It is better not to play, well or it is necessary to choose the least bright colouring. In Short, what is in the trailer, there is also in the game. Music and sounds: The Sounds of movement are standard from Unity, they are miserable and do not fit into the game. The Music is not bad, fits the game, but in some cases it was better to stay quiet, for more atmospheric (or the sounds of crickets on the second level). Plot: Forget It, it's almost gone. Another abstract, boring nonsense. It is Narrated only through text. Bottom line: No fish, no meat. Take it at your own discretion. UPD: I tried to go through this game again and can safely say that the game is rubbish. One visual and music did not work. And One more thing: from half an hour the game hurts my eyes, and I'm not kidding.
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