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Mind Portal

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Mind Portal is a beautiful, low poly stylized, first-person exploration game centered around three things: interesting story, hard mazes and atmospheric music. You will be available for a number of beautiful levels you will explore. To advance further in story and find out what Mind is and what it wants from you, you have to find and pass maze that will require a bit of patience.Key Features: For fans of Journey, Firewatch and Bound. For fans of low poly stylized games. Hard maze levels, which will took a while to pass them. Interesting story (actually just text) with two different endings. A lot of atmospheric beautiful music.
Daniil Titner
Daniil Titner
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Mind Portal reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Mind Portal – Mind is out of Memory. At first glance before us Walker with a bundle of puzzles. It is inexpensive, looks nice, promises an interesting story. Let's see what lies behind the trailer and screenshots... Pros: History. The Story of Reason and man. And more about memory. And the Legacy. In General, this is the case-ideas and thoughts are served in the form of text. Which can be interpreted in every possible manner, but in general the promise of history is understandable and interesting. Music. It is not bad, it does not have time to come. Although I wouldn't say she's the original. But, nevertheless, the sound is good. Relatively small levels, which are interesting to wander at the beginning. Getting from the portal, and you are given freedom. Go where you want. But There is a goal-you need to find all the puzzles and solve them. Then the portal will open to the next level. Puzzle. Sometimes interesting approaches, but in general complex rather from the point of view of management, rather than from the point of view of the riddle. Cons: The Empty world. It is Interesting to run through the levels, they have a concept, but they are quite empty. If There was more filling and the opportunity to explore the location for your pleasure-it would be much better. Bugs. The Game is satisfying, there are problems with Menyukami, with jams. They are rare, but still available. Though It is not enough to make a mess in a short period of time. Control in puzzles. Inertia of control spoils the whole impression. And the conflicts do not quite correspond to the visual reality. When you lose your own stupidity, that's one thing. But when the mechanics of the game work poorly-it is quite different. The Result: A good walker for the evening. Interesting idea, something reminiscent of Talos Principle, although certainly far from this ideal. The world would be more Lively, more content and better implemented mechanics-it would be good at all. It's just not bad. And I would have lowered the price tag a bit, just a little.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
These 2 hours were gorgeous! I Started with these words so that readers could understand that I liked the game, but it has a problem: Not all objects have a Colluzia (it is strange, for example, in the first level near the large chest in the cave 2 torches. One has Colluzia, the other is not... Fig knows all the white flowers on the 2nd level, some trees at the last). By the way about the last level... IT LOOKS CHIC!!! Immediately remembered the first assassin (can be seen from the inspiration), but here is the technical part of the performance... Some houses fly, in some places there is something tion flowerbeds and there trees, some of them are conspicuous, TK stand crooked, again problems with Colluzia behind a portal in the last "room", and about buildings more... If you look, it gives even more surrealism, because some buildings are of the wrong size. Whether it is the bugs of unity, whether it was not noticed by the author, when placed objects. It is especially noticeable on the doors, ESPECIALLY when you look in one direction, and there are close 2 buildings and 2 doors... One normal and the other for the Umpa-lamp (even the screensaver is). More about the gameplay (when you play for the cube. Do not know how to call it another). Teleporters-An interesting thing, but after the teleport is not enough pause, that is, if after the teleport there is a chasm/red ball, the impulse and movement is preserved and you are sure to fly there. I do not want to talk about history, because it is great, but unless I did not have enough dialogues. It would be interesting to watch a character talking with the "consciousness", but this is only my delitantskoe opinion. About Pashalkah: They are, but mostly they are in the form of dialogues and on the first level (Cho, Potzana, Onme?). Probably, it was funny to watch me while I was poking on sunflowers, who say that they are all the same, hoping to find not such as all XD here MANYBUKF, but I hope my Russian speech is not very sad;) Good luck Razrabu, if will release the game on the vedroid in the Playmarket, then buy with a chance again.
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