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miraclr - Divine Dating Sim

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The archangels of Heaven are planning their first miracle on Earth in over four hundred years. In order to succeed, they need your help! Of course, humans can't visit Heaven while they are alive, so you're going to need some 21st-Century technology to give the angels your input. Join them in miraclr: Divine Dating Sim.

miraclr is a comedic workplace romance visual novel starring the biblical (and apocryphal) archangels—plus Lucifer!--told in an office collaboration app. The story takes place in real-time over one week as you help the angels decide upon, then execute, a divine miracle. Throughout each day, you will both meet with all the angels and receive private messages from individual angels, looking to win your favor. The PC release of miraclr also includes time skip, rewind, and day select features to let you play through in one session if you prefer.

Each angel has their own romance path, but choosing which one to follow isn't the end. You'll also have to make the right decisions to perform the miracle and advance your relationship with your chosen angel. This relationship will determine whether or not the miracle is successful.

Key features:

  • Branching script with over 76,000 words
  • Five major romance and plot branches, each with their own good and bad endings
  • Players receive messages from characters in real-time
  • Custom soundtrack made of classic music remixes
Release date
Woodsy Studio
Woodsy Studio
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or above

System requirements for Linux

  • OS: Linux x86/x86_64

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or above
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Successfully implement Uriel's proposed miracle
Nothing Wrong With Tradition
Successfully implement Michael's proposed miracle
Angelus Ex Machina
Successfully implement Raphael's proposed miracle
Rapture Ready
Successfully implement Gabriel's suggested miracle
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miraclr - Divine Dating Sim reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Miraclr is a huge disappointment. The concept is innovative but the realization is bad. I had bought my eyes closed because it is a game created by woodsy Studio, which had to be a guarantee of quality given the previous games proposed, unfortunately this time the quality is not at the rendezvous. -The game is bugged, unstable, I encountered quite a lot of back on Windows untimely. -The interface of the game itself is not at all enjoyable to play. After an hour of play, we really get tired of not having decorations or more images to help us immerse ourselves in history. -To fix nothing, the MC has a really insipid personality and the immature dialogues between the archangels do not help to lend themselves to the game, nor to feel involved in the story. I really like woodsy Studio but I can recommend this game if you buy it thinking it will be in line with previous games, exciting, intriguing with a rich universe, because you will definitely be disappointed.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The game puts us in a chat app in which we will write with Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel among others. The dialogues are in English and save some phrases from Raphael (with a more urban tone than dictionary), you can go well. It Also gives you the option to slow down the speed with which you write in the chat. It Is advisable to look at that to answer you give a time X that varies, then you can give to reply and take advantage to answer, but better to be the case. Sometimes Think of the option of not answering as an option in itself;) And even if they make you decide hours (real) for the meetings, you can advance them and leave them before if you do better or advance the days (with updating you can even pass fast the days you have already done). Also you can replay the days if you have bundled a lot without having to start again. And Well, another detail to comment is that you do not always get a heart on the screen when you raise the bar good roll with an angel. Sometimes yes, others not, if you are very [email protected], you have to go by clicking on the portrait of the angel in question. It is clear from the first few minutes that you are going to laugh more than you can. In fact it's all very funny and fun. It Makes a lot of references to cinema and other topics of culture popular?, that makes you reach the tears of the laughter that gives. It is Not lost, seriously, in my opinion it is worth every penny that has cost me. Would you recommend it for people who like many angels and take the subject seriously at the level of religion, etc? Of entry, unless you have a great sense of humour, because better not because Gabriel for example has a character that... Anyway, more than one person would be disturbed. At least I didn't bundle with Michael. But good that is a comedy, it is clear that if you are looking for something very serious and that respects to the letter religious subjects, better to something else. Enjoy it! Seriously, the dialogues are very funny and crazy.
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