Monsters' Den: Godfall reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hi people this game looked nice..; RPG of another time, without animations (heroic fantasy); at first glance they offered the simplicity of fighting in 6 vs. 6 Max, with objects in abundance and epic quests to the Dungeon and dragons... But you see, in 20 years of games; If history does not hold anything and gives all to prove itself.. This game is the perfect example that the betise has no limit..; fun game, but frustrating as possible, because the developers have no reference to the world of video games... the indication of the opposing enemies is absent... We don't know if the Dungeon or the quest is level.. We are going on an adventure, without really knowing what to do...; Certainly there are quests and a narrative effort; but this, mm a child of 15 years can do it... Even the statistics are simplistic as possible (dexterity, strength, intelligence)..; the initiative, the parade, the defense are just the matter of the equipment... and if you have the misfortune to fall Su run group that would be more DE4 level; you lose not only by being massacrer; but in addition the quest ends; the Dungeon becomes closed; and you must say goodbye to the coveted object... and often A1 time of your time to start a few fights in the beginning of the short Dungeon; There is good (it's been 20 years that video games of this genre short the streets (heroes of magic;...); then ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ it must make an effort...) ... It is very annoying because your adventure takes place in a linear way, and it is enough that an enemy group is not balanced properly so that the Dungeon is not feasible..;( and Yes, the groups keep access, and without passing.. farewell to the continuation of the inquiry)... In short, we have access to all regions and factions without really knowing about or turning... Without going into more detail; I think this game is absolutely not finished; that they took it out with Bo, NNS intentions; but at the date of July 20, 2017; It is either too far ahead of the balancing and the orientations that it is necessary to do... either, they are short of money or on the contrary, are of those who come out of the games, believing that it is enough to mount a project to have the admiration of the players...; Brief you have to dig the guys; There is good; but in the 20th century, if you do not put aniimation, it is necessary that the game is really locked and a strategic pleasure see of gameplay that worth the effort... and that makes us not waste time, because it is an adventure; the fights prevent pleasant progressions) and today, if the quests are there; This remains fouilli, in the adventure;.; one loses beaucouip of time, has to sort of s objects, quetes, factions.... to the really simplistic graphics! You give too much data accessible on one side.. and because there is no animation, it feels good that you have privileged the adventure... But that you still have to do a link work between the events.. It's beautiful to make stories; But if one galere to the faires; We lose patience quickly; Since the lack of animation.. often makes us live the mm things (repetitive) personal; to spend frustrating moments; a group must not be able to access a 4-level Dungeon above, if it is a massacre game.... Failed missions for lack of time to do so; because the map has no zoom and we do not know or go... This lacks hierachisation, indication, dialogue between the characters.. the atmosphere is limited... the good, remains the imaginary and sympathetic creatures, but this lack of finishing on a game that wants to be oriented.. It's really not JoJo... Imagine a book with beautiful stories; but which is obliged to reread chapters; worse to put ourselves the s chapters in the right order.. even if it is not able to understand the sequel or access a plot of finished chapter..; and those who love the slivres you are the hero know, that not having the right sequel is the most annoying! An organization work is really necessary... and so to this day, I do not advice absolutely! and I'll be sure that in a short time to patch... they do..; Only it is painful... If this cheesy-style game makes the mm crap that recent games.. has to go out and make nerves or patch; because the balancing and the test part is not properly finished! So where do we go... because really comparing; There are games that have forgiven and others, like this one; We say. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.. He is laughed, Gard and in addition he is not cared for! Brief you have understood it; in the State this game is really disappointing..; and because money is money I disadvise to those, who do not understand English well and that in addition to the animation or worse a game really well finished.. they have mm not that for them..; In short;... A 10/20.. This is not worth more