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In Morphblade you move around a grid slicing, smashing and bursting waves of nasty red bugs. Each tile you move to transforms you into a different weapon: on a Blades hex you can slice enemies on either side of you, on an Arrow you can launch yourself through two enemies in a row. Between waves, you choose how to build out the grid, and upgrade your most used hexes with new abilities.

  • Hammer: lets you stay put and smash a single enemy in front of you
  • Blades: kill enemies on either side as you move
  • Arrow: plunge right through an enemy and come out the other side
  • Repair: repairs any damage you've taken when you move here
  • Teleport: move to anywhere else on the grid
  • Acid: strips tough enemies of their armour, leaving them vulnerable

Killing bugs earns you upgrades for your hexes, and each hex type can be cross-bred with every other type to take on some of its properties. Upgrade an Arrow with Acid and it can kill armoured enemies. Upgrade a Hammer with Blades and you can kill three enemies at once without moving. Upgrade a Teleporter with a Repair and you'll be healed each time you teleport.

Upgrades can even be stacked, so you can end up with an Arrow that propels you with infinite range, kills everything in your path, penetrates armour, knocks back everyone near your destination, heals you, and doubles as a teleporter.

The idea for tiles determining your weapon came from the iOS game Imbroglio by Michael Brough, which is great, and Morphblade is developed and released with his permission.
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Suspicious Developments
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 2GHz to be safe
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 64MB DirectX 9 compatible card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Morphblade reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Its good, but sadly lacks a goal to work towards. The game is deep and easy at the same time. The basic controls and tactics can be found out after just playing 10 minutes, but to get really far and reach more waves needs planning and strategizing. So, the game is quite fun for what it offers. My first half an hour was more to learn the basics and i want to play more to get better. So i can definetely say it got me hooked for now. The game works like this: You have 6 different hex types that you can develop on your grid. Moving on one costs you a turn, fighting does aswell. After beating a wave you are allowed to build one new hextype on your grid. So there are grids allowing you to teleport, heal you, cause a debuff to enemies or give you one out of three attacks (arrow is a straight forward attack over 2 hexes, hammer is a shot at adjecent hexes and blade is an attack to the sides). With killing enemies you can level hexes up and give them more abilities. So you give a weapon a knockback, vampirism or allow you to give it many more advantages. Variety is seems to be there and it gets more and more complicated as you progress. New Enemy-types also get into the mix. What i also think though, is that with it lacking more motivation to get further into the game and reach higher waves, it could become boring too fast. I think it wont interest me to play it for more than 2 hours i guess. Which is sad, since the basic idea, while looking "empty", is really well done. If the game got a bit deeper, and also gave a motiavation to progress, it could be a really good game. Also i dont know why it doesnt have multiplayer. Its design would offer enough variety in modes to play versus or coop. And if it would just be a "who can survive longer" mode or a "enemies i push out of the grid, will appear on yours". +seems basic, but is deep enough to stay difficult +enemy variety is there +gameplay can hook you to do "one more try" +combinations and therefor different strategies are there +price is quite low for what it gives +can entertain for at least 2 hours, probably more though -although it being deep enough to stay difficult and offer variety, theres no reason to keep playing it -challenging but no purpose, no unlocks (like different colourstyles or so) -no different modes -either it gets you hooked to play for a long time or you will hate it and be bored after half an hour -instantly throws you in the game in windowed mode without giving you a main menu first (or a tutorial), i hate when games do that * No Multiplayer or challenges (modes/highscore etc). It could be a great game with more modes and a multiplayer (coop and versus) could be incredibly fun and offer enough variety to have people coming back to play it even after 10 hours. I think its wasted potential there to not give it more modes. I cant really count that as negative though. Its a well rounded up and made game, it works fine and entertains. So a thumbs up from me. At this price recommended, even more on sale. Plays in the same region of entertainment like the game "Reigns" or "Downwell". Low price, simple concept, hard to master but sadly no scope beyond that (at least Downwell had unlockable visual styles though).
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