My Hunting Adventure Time v.0.6. - Adult Visual Novel (NSFW) Free

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My Hunting Adventure Time is an adult visual novel that is currently in its developmental stages but is still very playable. Our goal is to present our patrons a story and gameplay that exceeds other visual novels. In time we will try to further enhance gameplay and mechanics as the story goes on.

With the very immersive storyline paired with the game system. It gives players the experience of being in different scenarios that are rare to real life situations. With each update, we will try to incorporate different genres as the story goes on


What’s new in v0.6?

-Main story progression
-Harada’s storyline progressio
-Isabel’s storyline progression
-Quality improvement of art
-New character introduced in the game
-Improved & Polished the dialogue for v0.1 to current update

- you can use save data v.0.4 and next version like v.0.5, by copy nw.pak files from my hunting adventure time folder to the latest version of the my hunting adventure time folder (copy nw.pak just for problem if you missing save game old version in new game version, but usually you don't need to do this step because save the game is automatically available in the latest game version).

-Update List Date :

In this update, there is something special, we made this update because we have reached our first goal and our thanks to Tier users, our team decided to update two versions at once (v.0.6 Isabel & Harada and v.0.7 Aleda), we will update in the near future.

Early Update V.0.6:
- 31/10/2019 - 06.00 PM (EVER BOOST TIER) on Asian time
- 4/11/2019 - 06.00 PM (EVER MASTER TIER) on Asian time (3 day early)
- 6/11/2019 - 06.00 PM (EVER ELITE TIER) on Asian time (5 day early)

Early Update V.0.7:
-5/11/2019 no later than 9/11/2019


Public Update V.0.6: 
- 10/11/2019 – 09.00 AM (PUBLIC) on Asian time (10 day after latest version)

Public Update V.0.7 :
30 day after early access

Vote Room Discord : 
Time has not been determined :v

- New Options For Main Story :
1. Main Story (Do Netorare Content)
2. Main Story (Avoid Netorare Content)


Download Links for Windows  


MHAT v.0.6 (32-bit) : Mega Link Download

 MHAT v.0.6 (64-bit) : Mega Link Download

This game will always be updated and this is currently a free game.

Adult Oriented
Specific genres are on developmental basis (More planned genres coming)

Future plans for the game:
-Different Jobs for your main character 
-New specific genres
-Different scenarios depending on the character’s job
-Immersive map to explore & expansion
-A more in-depth monetary system

Future plans outside the game:
-Short Manga / Doujins

If you like to help us with the development of the Visual Novel/Game, you can show us your support through Patreon. 
Comments & Suggestions are highly appreciated as well.

EverKyun LINKS :

Ever_Team :
Ever_Kyun - Leader, Art & Coding, Story
Mr.Moon_Sonata - Coding, Bug
Armored Brownie - Dialogue and Translation Polishing

Android version is still in development


you can use save data v0.4 by copy nw.pak files from my hunting adventure time folder to the latest version of the my hunting adventure time folder (don't use save data under version 0.4).

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Not rated

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System requirements for macOS

System requirements for Linux

System requirements for Android

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Last Modified: Nov 11, 2019

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