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Nachtigal tells the story of Miranda Namatgira, a bright college student who travels to Belgium for a holiday. One evening, she loses track of time while sight-seeing and becomes lost in the woods. Just as she's about to consider camping outdoors for the night, Miranda happens upon a hauntingly beautiful castle. She decides to venture inside, but nothing could have prepared her for the bloody sight she beholds there...or for the two vampires who capture her.


Miranda Namatgira is a Belgian history and architecture buff who is studying European history and art in college. She is bright and generally optimistic, but can also be sharp-tongued and sarcastic. Miranda likes to help people and often gets into trouble because of her unwillingness to give up. Luckily, her sensitivity and skills of perception have helped her out on multiple occasions.

Luca Faveaux is a cold man who possesses a dry wit. A third generation vampire, his duty is to serve and protect the Nachtigal family, particularly Adrian. He is not one to suffer fools lightly and often clashes with Adrian on matters of propriety. At first, he believes it would be best for Adrian and the Nachtigal family if Miranda is killed, but over time his opinion of her changes...

Adrian van de Nachtigal, Count de Mercy-Argenteau-d'Ochain, is a very confident vampire who is in constant search of entertainment. Being the youngest of his second generation siblings, he's used to being doted on. He is intrigued by Miranda, but gets angry when she tries to pry into his secrets... Though he may not always admit it, he is very thankful for Luca's friendship and guidance.


Nachtigal is a short otome game by Cyanide Tea about vampires. It was originally released on November 4, 2013. There are six full-length endings, two dateable characters, and 11 CGs in total. The story has a touch of horror, but is mostly pretty fluffy. WARNING: This game contains some gore in one of the bad endings, along with some violence throughout. (Trigger warning: suicide, psychological manipulation/abuse) Player discretion is advised.

Art & GUI: Auro-Cyanide
Writing & Programming: Lorelei
Music: 月に憑かれたピエロ

Please also consider updating your graphic card drivers before trying Nachtigal. If you're having display problems, please check out this help page in the Ren'Py documentation.

If you play the game, please use the #nachtigal Twitter hashtag or Nachtigal Tumblr tag if you can!

Release date
Cyanide Tea
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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