Nadia Was Here (itch)

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Nadia was Here is a gorgeous pixel RPG that is inspired by 8 and 16bit classics. Featuring a groundbreaking combat system and a deep, charming story about the value of life, Nadia was Here lets you play an oldschool RPG in a brand new way!

Join the heroes of Nadia was Here on their quest to unravel the mystery of Amytah. Fight epic battles with a battle system unlike any other, and develop your heroes in a completely new way. Explore a mysterious retro world filled with classic dungeons and have your cranial cogs turning while solving puzzles.

  • Fast-paced battles: Mixing elements from time-management games and classic turn-based goodness for a truly unique real time experience
  • Develop your characters in a new way: Growing through learning new skills instead of leveling up. Eliminating the need for random battles and grinding.
  • Keep collecting: Gain new skills and become stronger during battles. Collect and upgrade powerful amulets
  • Engaging story development: slowly get to know the main characters, and grow to adore, love and hate them.
  • Explore Amytah: Discover its many secrets and crack your brain on puzzle-centric dungeons.

Please note: when you download the game it is for personal use only. You may not copy, distribute or re-sale the game. 

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Indietopia Games
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Nov 22, 2019

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