NBA Playgrounds reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
White men can't play not a fan of basketball games as a rule, it's not NBA playgrounds that will make me want to love the genre... Must also say that the title is really not terrible. But I was attracted by the graphic style of the game, very caricature; Graphic style that left me the impression that I was dealing with an arcade-oriented game but also the general public: what could have fallen well because in addition to being a noob of basketball games I know only the rules of the basics of this sport. Unfortunately, if the title has an arcade side, it leaves the general public with its completely useless tutorial that tells us only what is the purpose of each key of the controller (it is not as if you could see the configuration of the buttons to any time) as well as its gameplay built only around the attack. Indeed, if we have a lot of combinations possible in attack (and again, considering how easy it is to score baskets at 3pts we quickly understand how to play), as far as to say that in defense, besides getting really pissed, we do not understand too much where we wanted to go the ES dév. Basically, we have a choice of 3 ways to defend: counter the opponent's shots by jumping (very useful), catching the ball (which only works at best 1% of the time) or pushing the opponent (which works much better than interception but leads to a penalty)... Quite limited possibilities in short. In addition, it will be very often impossible to take back the ball that we just counter when we play in defense, our players simply passing through the ball without picking it up: I believed in bugs at the beginning, but it is simply a way ultra clumsy to advantage the AI... It's a bit "the snake bites the tail" difficulty level anyway, I think the dév ' have very quickly seen that the AI was worth nothing, whether in exhibition or tournament, and that to "settle" this, they decided precisely to benefit the AI in this way ( It can also push us without receiving a penalty Unlike us).... In short, we have to wait until she has finished playing so we can play in return, SUPER! Finally, regarding the contents of the bouzin, there are a lot of players to unlock, there is only one music on the other hand. There are also new areas and new balloons to unlock by successfully completing all the challenges of a tournament. After each tournament won, we unlock a new bonus that can activate in the middle of a game: for this, just have his full bonus gauge by intercepting the ball (you know? the thing that never works) when defending or scoring a basket by being as far as possible from said basket (preferably through dunk or alley-OOP)... The only problems are that the bonuses are absolutely not worth and that it is much simpler to win by pushing the opponent when playing in defense and scoring almost only 3pts baskets. A feature that could have been interesting but that proves completely useless what. In short, apart from the fanatics of basketball I don't see too much who might be interested in this game. Go your way.