Games for Neo Geo

NEOGEO is a cartridge-based arcade system board. It's a fourth-generation home video game console by Japanese company SNK Corporation, released in 1990. Initially, it launched a coin-operated arcade machine. It could put up to six different cartridges into a single cabinet; they are called Multi Video System. This is what makes the system unique, as at the time no other platform could use that much cartridges. A home console is called Advanced Entertainment System; it was first launched as a rental console for video game stores in Japan. However, its high price did not let the company release it for home use, so it was removed. When released, NeoGeo was the most powerful console at the time. It had massive success during the 1990s due to its low cost, six ROM slots and small size. Still, sales were meager in the U.S. as the hardware and software had high prices. Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and Samurai Shodown are famous arcades for NeoGeo.