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Microsoft from Russian
The Pleasure of the sine wave the Name of the game is already in itself as a game with a word. "No matter", collected in English from Never (Never) and Mind, makes a very strong reference to the fact that we are dealing with natural madness. The Whole game is an attempt to show us the madness of people and their phobias, from which everything is poured out. Unusual game Chips From The beginning the game will hint you on the following features: Support for eye movement Tracking (eye Tracking) with specific devices Support for measuring your heart rate. Yes, your heartbeat can affect gameplay. Support your webcam to track your.. Emotions. All These fici are aimed at one thing-to measure the level of your stress during the passage. At a time when the game you are discovering an elevated level of excitement, the environment begins to transform, turning from surreal landscapes to horror, which can pressure both on children's fears, and on diseases like claustrophobia and hydrophobia. Does that Work? No. From the word at all. Of all of the above, I have only a webcam, and I can with an absolute poker face to sit for 5 minutes to do nothing, and the game will change the perception of my emotions then to the bottom, then to the ceiling of anxiety. Just a random behavior with a non-working algorithm. The Second problem-the game forsit webcam work. Here you play, and the game through the scene makes it run GUI to the webcam, forcing the game to collapse. And It happens over and over again. The game could not be forbidden to touch the webcam, it is decided for you. The Only salvation-in the settings to twist the "automatic" level of stress at least, otherwise the game will be stupid to prevent you to play as if you are afraid of everything in the world. No, it doesn't work too well. What about the meaning of the game? You are a doctor who climbs into the heads of his patients with mental disorders, looking for photos with statements, and then, collecting them all, trying to collect a combination of 5 of 10 of these photos, building in the right order, the present order of events, That will describe the real problem of the patient and where the roots grow. And everything would be nothing with this part, but the collection of events from these pictures too.... In one place. But What makes the game even more? Puzzles. These are perhaps the worst puzzles that can be found in modern games, they are NOT intuitive, they are NOT subject to logic, they can easily NOT relate to the key events in the head of the patient. One of my "favorites" was literally in the first half of the game, where you enter the room where you need to continue... Collect the tea service scattered around the room on a tray, and, OPA, the game does not say what to do and why to do it. We're just doing it. And in the same room disgusting safe-puzzle, from the same category. Worse puzzles You just do not find, they were done just to do, not to make it a pleasure to play. The Only slightly pleasant side of the game is the surreal levels. It is as if sometimes to get to the levels of Alice Madness Returns on the degree of beautiful chaos, which is created around, which will surprise the beauty, but also do not forget to treat with a toast. You Can buy if You are willing to devote time Nevermind as a meditative horror game (yes, so it happens) to Turn to the manuals of the game for you are not taboo (for most likely to have to handle, and more than once) Hefty discount or Bandle. Just like that. The Result is a Game that I personally like because of the visual performance, but the gameplay is a nightmare. Passed and forgot as a terrible dream. The passage for me took literally 3 months of constant throws and returns, because it is very, very unpleasant to digest. At even the whole small handful of pleasant impressions of the game-recommend it at least someone can not. It Seems this game can make unpleasant to any player in one way or another. Ill-Conceived in terms of gameplay offspring. Each time it will be something to please you can safely wait that in a minute will already be something annoying. And then again to delight and again to annoy. And so to the end. Rating: 4.5 Personal: 3.0 * Review made your humble Servant-Curator ~ Subscribe not to miss new reviews! : W