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Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin

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Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin is a pseudo 8-bit action platformer. While it integrates gameplay mechanics of the previous titles in the series, they are combined in a manner which differentiates itself from its predecessors.

Rather than playing as a ninja-like protagonist, the main character shares more characteristics with that of a samurai. Usage of the environment is still the focus of the platforming and puzzle elements remain intact, although progression through each level is straightforward without the open-ended nature present in the previous titles.

  • Several screens providing various platforming challenges and puzzles
  • Duel with samurai and fight varying enemy types
  • Challenging difficulty, frequent checkpoints, and unlimited continues
  • 8-bit graphics and soundtrack
  • Supports Xbox 360 Controller (recommended)
Release date
Blaze Epic
Blaze Epic
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB VRAM
  • Storage: 16 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Beat level 1
Level 5 w/ Mad Skeelz
Beat level 5 without dying
Level 5 w/ Skill
Beat level 5 with less than 10 deaths
Level 5 Finished
Beat level 5
Level 4 w/ Mad Skeelz
Beat level 4 without dying
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Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Typical-Atypical, hardcore-non-hardcore platformer-platformer. The First thing that catches the eye is the drawing. Pleasant colors and a special style. Everything seems to be beautiful, but the first door in training was the most difficult moment in the game! It is so harmoniously poured into the background that before you go to it to get drunk for a minute. Gemplay and complexity. Thanks. Hardcore platformer must have responsive control. The Game is not the most hardcore, and the management is not the most responsive. 100% adequacy. The Combat system is made juicy. Blows and blocks. On verification, you need to press the attack as often as possible. The Music is good, but it can get bored in an hour. Bosses. Very Light When you know what to do with them. The Task to learn. In This game what is good-bad, and what is bad-well. Everything is adequate and unusual. It's worth Playing. 6.5 Doors out of 10.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin-The best in the Ninjahtic series and deserves the right to exist in steam more than the predecessors. I am not very familiar with the games of Larry Stere, but it is these three platformers in fact representing the same constantly remade game-it is apogee and the most accurate hit in the direction of indie games. First, a small detail-achievements, without them not washed away to play hardcore indie platformers, in the first parts of the series, I note, are not present. Second, Gemplay and management-gemplay should be interesting, and management responsive. It looked very bad With the first parts. In the first management was miserable, it seemed that the character could not run on the walls, it seemed that sometimes regardless of you work pre-prepared scripts, some game moments for me remained impassable. In Mind Trick Larry added a leap in the jump, which somewhat diversified and simplified control, and there was the opportunity to run on the walls, but the absolute stupidity can be considered the presence of strips XP. In This game it is not to anything, because you can only die, on the level that is now displayed on the screen (dumb sounds-know, but it is, you seem to pass one screen of the game without errors and death on the next screen does not recline in the beginning of the game). Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin-Skkurpuzno (for example-there are no instant saves, as in the previous parts), but the heavy. I think Larry found the right balance. Difficult, but still playable platformer. Thirdly, the atmosphere and setting-also apparently long, painful attempts to get into the right atmosphere, which is perfectly combined with soundtracks, Gemplem and the theme of the eight-bit era. Even with his cry Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin game seems to want to abstract from the unsuccessful series of Ninjahtic, because if you think the prefix Nil can be regarded as a negation, or as "zero"-it's programmers in my opinion. Special thanks for the bosses, I had to pass the levels several times to find each approach. It's like it used to be in the eight-bit era. The Series as a whole I really liked, profitably acquired entirely on sale. I Recommend to fans of platformers, indie-Hyindie and just as a game.
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