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One Small Fire At A Time

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In Overture, magic can cure all diseases, but not those of the mind. Society looks down on those whose illnesses are incurable by magic, and these "lunatics" must stay in madhouses until they recover their sanity—if they ever do.

But no one has a worse madness than 13-year-old Janis—not even those who long for death, or live in constant fear, or see and hear the unreal—because in a city where everyone can use magic, Janis alone can't. "Magic Deficiency Disorder," they call it.

Her disability makes Janis an easy target for bullying, but she still fights back despite always losing. One day, she is saved from her bullies by Aidan Woolf, a powerful mage and police commander.

In Woolf, Janis finds a father figure, but the commander didn't come to her madhouse just for a visit. He has a mission.


Janis has lived in a madhouse since she was a small child because she suffers from what many people call the worst madness ever - she can't use magic. Between her so-called "magic deficiency disorder" and the bullying she has to endure every day because of it, Janis is ready to give up hope, but her life is about to change...

Aidan Woolf
As the commander of the Overture police's most elite special forces unit, Aidan Woolf comes to the madhouse on a mission from the king himself. There he meets Janis, a teenage girl who reminds him of the daughter he lost many years ago in an incident that transformed him into a hardened warrior who puts duty above everything else.

Candela Carroll
Her sketchbook is the only thing in the world that can hold Candela Carroll's attention for more than five minutes, but she's Janis's best friend at the madhouse. However, since she's three years older, Candela will be forced to leave the children's ward before Janis does, and that time may come sooner than they think.

Drake Perrault
Drake is a bully. He and his friends - or, rather, his underlings - especially like to pick on Janis because they see her as a helpless girl who can't defend herself. But his friends and victims don't know that, for Drake Perrault, bullying is a way to cope with his condition.

Ena Polidori
Though a little clumsy, Ena Polidori is the children's favorite nurse. She volunteers to teach Janis magic, much to the younger girl's displeasure, and always encourages her to keep trying. Things get awkward between Ena and Joff Godwin after she mistakes the young lord as a new patient at the children's ward, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing...

Joff Godwin
Lord Godwin recently founded Magical Mechanical, a company that researches and manufactures magic machines. With his aristocratic status and his position in the new magical engineering industry, he helps Commander Woolf's investigation by approaching the madhouse's owner with a business proposition.

Johann Poe
As one of the most well-known and respected magical scientists in Overture, Professor Poe uses his extensive knowledge of magic to assist Commander Woolf in his investigation. But will he also learn something from his time at the madhouse?

Alanis Blyton
Professor Poe considers her to be one of the brightest students he has ever taught, but Alanis Blyton sometimes wonders if magical science is the right field for her. Instead, she often finds herself poring over psychology textbooks.

Colton Sherwood
The madhouse is not a correctional facility, Colton Sherwood believes. He built his madhouse to give lunatics a place where they can be who they are, where they don't have to be "normal," where they can be safe from the outside world.

Oriel Sherwood
Oriel Sherwood is a magical scientist, but her main job is to help her husband operate the madhouse. Because she and her husband don't have children, they care for the children at the madhouse as if they were their own.
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One Small Fire At A Time reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Nice good Evening my name Florian "aniFlo" F. I will the I have the honor today to write you a Review to One Small fire At A Time and answer the Question it is small steps up to a Big flame of Passion (13 year olds are allowed to laugh now) or before r just hot Air. Story summed up without names: Girl has no magic Powers everyone else she has that is all considered the worst mental illness and she comes into a Madhouse. Girl is bullied and looking for love and feeling and is hopeful The house owners are suspected of Smuggling or producing mana potion 3 people 1st of which gradually becomes very relevant to the Father figure still a little faster everything becomes more and more funny and no one Notice exactly who is honest and who is playing a wrong Game or doing the right thing. At No Point, however, is it confusing. What Prositiv must be said is the openter has been philosophized about the mental diseased and departed without having had a perfect result at the end. There are Opinion and Settings sometimes different Look angle but never perfect Solutions which has influenced this Game very prositively. tl.dr well-written Story with Message graphics and Style: If you had to give the game an Age, it would probably be the late 19 or the Beginnings of the 20 Century where I'm not sure. The Drawing Style is Swelling and playfully a bish Watercolor meal. All Characters are beautifully Designed and are partly just for cuddling or falling in love depending on what you prefer. On the Negative side, I can only say that some pictures have occurred extremely often as in the Magiattes. Taking the Battle of Korean (of which there were unfortunately very few), the struggle is to emerge. I write around my head and Collar we talk about Writing style: Writing Style and tempo: The Story flows Mäsig Forward Not too fast but also not too slowly. Weather predicting this evening) only 1 time I had the feeling that it should go a little faster and that was when I had to go on the clo ^ _-. Mann takes various Personal perspectives in the Game, from the Protaconist to the Narrator to Outsiders plot-relevant Characters, everything was there. Sometimes a bit confusing as it seems like a Character is talking for you only to suddenly realize that you are someone else Representier. But It's never really too bad, as long as you read neatly and stick to the Ball while ploising. But I can Understand if someone plays this game 1 hour a day and then the Story in 5 Days has the story through that he has to find himself Pure again in order not to get lost The Fighting Tenths were always Detalted and neatly written. In addition, there was also a Change in Writing style that the Move is first shown in Pictures and then the Structure of the Technick is explained in addition to the normal Battle writing Style. Music: Very beautiful and fitting. Lots of Piano and classical Music. Many characters had their own little Melody which fit very well on the characters. But personally I would not buy the CD a maximum of 1-2 Songs as a Reminder for my Bibliotek. The Sound Effects were medium but inordinate. Verdict: The Game made a very good Impression on me. It was a good story with a not easy Topic but was implemented super without losing the humor (and don't Worry about other Feelings). It is not perfect from the Technical And you can see that sometimes there has been a lack of Money. Denoch it was for the 8 euro an Experience that I can really recommend to everyone especially the younger generation of 10-16 I can recommend it as it could give You a different Angle on Classmates or many enough for them that shows no matter how many Strokes you have. In plugging in (philosophically hopefully) and having already given up hope, not giving yourself up can give up sometimes a ridiculous promise that leads you to the Finish at the end. One Smal Fire At A Time gets from me the predicat small but oho ... The Flame, of course!!!! Ps: WHAT THE IS 13 MANNN Q.Q Aniflo out My Other Reviews and Short Reviews: Https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDcsTEn4wHhfH8mvtbgFEFQ There will be an outstanding edited review on 13.06 20:00 if I manage in time. Otherwise Monday look past.
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