P.A.M.E.L.A. reviews

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Early Access Review My Review on P.A.M.E.L.A. Pros: + Good, Modern Graphic. + Good Gameplay (Camera, arm, Inventory ...) + Geiler menu soundtrack + Many different Possibilities and Functions + Very Atmospheric + Design in General + Beautiful Story voice + Interesting System (Craft, fighting, repair, building etc.) + A real big map + Feeling infinitely like to make Cons:-Bad To lean Optimization (Is very Hard Drives Intensive despite SSD, Have vein. 60 FPS on the lowest Settings in 1080p despite GTX 960) which is not so nice with a 144Hz Monitor, in addition, this prepares Often Headaches which is why I can't play the Game for long. -The Minigames for "Hacking" are only limited due to the Optimization only to a limited extent because you have a high latency and especially with difficult hacks this can be really corrosive. -Too little movement, you feel like a walking Stone. What's Plus, it takes movement when It comes to horror, Survival. Also fights are extremely Boring and are not Fun, precisely because you beat with your Fists for so long, even weapons that throw the Opponents away like anything else, feel No harm. No Story line or such a confusing one because you are always In different Places that doesn't make sense, in general I find it really confusing. -You feel "Lost" you have felt no idea what you are doing despite extensive Tutorials, lacking at all to whistle yourself in first. In My opinion, there should be a lot more Learning-by-doing here. -The AI are Terrible, partly you see them bugging in or on Walls (and you hear sometimes in Walls) and the Dominator are OP as ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ -The Map is sometimes illogical as anything else. You go in the direction of the "Armory," so you assume that you find Equipment there, and what do you get? Corridors, Boxes (which are all over the Map and DO NOT Include Helmets & co.), Zombies and then random a Larger Corridor with an Elevator. Instead of simply making a Space where you get at least what after all the Opponents. Even the Barricades don't quite work as they should, E.g. you just jump around at the Side & zack! If you have glitched through, you can go where you can only go with a Code. -The overly adjusted Zombies if the one scare by the way only Fear mornies, one can adjust them calmly back to normal then this "Jumpscare" no longer seems So Cheap. It annoys more and Destroys the good Picture of what you had ... Just at the first Fights. Verdict: A good Game, especially for Early Access. Its Money is worth it in any case, even if 23€ is quite expensive. One or the other is missing or only partially working, but not very disturbs in one, the Game is still in Development anyway. The Game has potential To become better, more interesting and More Exciting than it is intimate. THAT IS ONLY MY PERSLY MY! Besides, I haven't got the Game through yet, it's possible that this Review will change a lot in the Future. MFG Bozzstrom5.