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Might and Delight in collaboration with SPELKRAFT invites you to explore a world lush with colour and punctuated by the tranquil sounds of a melodic soundtrack. Welcome to the world of Pan-Pan!
Pan-Pan is an open plain adventure that expands on the concept of environmental narrative storytelling with puzzle solving and exploration elements at its core.
Set against a backdrop of soothing ambient sounds crafted by renowned sound composer Simon Viklund, your task is to fix your downed spaceship and begin the pilgrimage home.
In a world littered with world shifting riddles and sprinkled with the memorable characters - how you solve these riddles is firmly in your hands.
Main features:
Set in an open world: Unlock new areas by collecting items and solving puzzles.
Stellar soundtrack created by acclaimed sound producer – Simon Viklund.
A balanced blend of exploration and puzzle solving game mechanics.
Story beats told through environmental interactions.
Use a mix of tools, gadgets and devices to solve puzzles and uncover the path home.

Release date
Might and Delight, Spelkraft Sthlm
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for Nintendo Switch

System requirements for iOS

iPad 2 Wifi, iPad 2 3G, iPhone 4S, iPad Third Gen, iPad Third Gen 4G, iPhone 5, iPod Touch Fifth Gen, iPad Fourth Gen, iPad Fourth Gen 4G, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 4G, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Air Cellular, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini Retina Cellular, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Cellular, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 3 Cellular, iPod Touch Sixth Gen, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 4 Cellular, iPad Pro, iPad Pro Cellular, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 6 1 1, iPad 6 1 2

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz single core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB shared or dedicated RAM (ATI or NVIDIA)
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP SP2
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz single core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 400 series, ATI Radeon HD 2xxx
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

System requirements for Linux

  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570 – 1024 MB (1 gig)
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
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Last Modified: Nov 22, 2022

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Hello world. Greet all creatures.
Let the stick do the talking. Smack all creatures with the stick.
Brute force
Smack a lot of stuff with the stick.
Collect 100 fuel seeds.
Travel 10000 meter in the world.
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Pan-Pan / Defunct
Sonic Mania - Argick
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Pan-Pan reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Pan-Pan was a lot of Fun! The Soundtrack and Sounds are simply wonderful! Visually, it's exactly my Case when it comes to indie games. Habs Bought in the Sale, because €13 is quite a lot for a Game of Brevity. Especially since in my Eyes there were only 2 really tricky Puzzles. So If you get in a Sale or Bundle, it's worth it! (:
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Pan-Pan is one of those little adventures that exude a special Atmosphere that is hard to put into Words. You could give the Game influences from The level design of a The Witness, a similar Setting Of a PixelJunk Shooter and the visual Presentation of a Lovely Weather We're Having. And yet Spelkraft has managed to create a homogeneous Game world all its own, with lots of corners and Edges but a Lot of Personality. The Puzzles are challenging, but always to be solved. A Bug we report to developers was also fixed right a few Days later. Only the somewhat short Season would have Room for Criticism due to the proud Price. We would love to be able to dive into this Game world again. A full Test on http://www.xtgamer.de/2016/09/19/im-test-pan-pan-spitzfindiges-raetseln-auf-fremden-planeten/
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I play on Linux. Linux version: excellent. The game a little exploration/puzzle game. The graphics are cute, the creatures too. The animations of the main character have a I-ne-know what satisfying when she runs or climbs a ladder at full speed. The little "CLOC" when you press a button too. Among the good points, the path finding is one of the best I've ever seen. Wherever one clicks, the character will go (if it is possible), and if the décor changes in the meantime (for example, a bridge falling), the personange change direction to go to the shortest. Simply excellent! The puzzles are for the simple majority, even if one or two can ask for some reflection. One of the only negative points of the game is this defect that has some point & click: an action will be triggered only if certain conditions are met, while they have no relation to what is triggered (here, the robot will only dig the tunnel if you have the bat with the Blue Cross... When it has no cause and effect. ). The game has absolutely no dialogue (neither text nor drawings), and still manages to make us understand what to do. That's quality puzzles! Replayability, achievements the game is very short, ends in 2H. I spent a little more time because I had missed one of the achievements during my first run. None are complicated to get. In short although short, the game is really good. An example to follow on how to present puzzles! GNU/Linux the Linux version is excellent, I have not encountered any problems. OS: Linux Mint 18.3 x64, MATE Edition. Hardware: I7 7700K OC @ 5Ghz, NVIDIA 1080GTX, 32GB RAM. Screens: Dualscreen, 1x 4K & 1x 1920x1200, single screen X.
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