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Party Hard 2

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You don't get your Christmas bonus and the only logical thing to do is go on a rampage at an Office Holiday Party. Welcome to Party Hard 2, the Stealth Strategy game you've been waiting for! With a brand new engine and art-style, Party Hard 2 expands Hitman-style gameplay of the original game with brand new features.
Some of the upcoming new gameplay features:
Take out multiple targets at the same time with a powerful Multi-Kill ability
Scan the room for useful objects and targets with Party Vision
You can now pickup up to 3 extra items in your inventory. Why not light up the dance floor with a gas canister?
The game is currently in Alpha 1 stage, follow the game's development right here, click that FOLLOW button under the trailer!

Release date
Pinokl Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1.4 Ghz and up
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated with 128mb of vram
  • Additional Notes: AlienFX enabled
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1.4 Ghz and up
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated with 128mb of vram
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Last Modified: Sep 11, 2020

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    1,000,000 items
    Look, mom, a flying pig!
    Make a cop fly
    Party Tycoon
    Make your own level and submit it to the Workshop
    It just popped up, I didn't do anything
    Complete a hidden objective
    3:00 a.m.
    Kill them all on any level
    Killshop: open 24/7
    Beat a Workshop level
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    29 items
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    Party Hard 2 reviews and comments

    I can't say I had a great time playing this game. It's definitely got a nice idea to it - every single level is a puzzle which can be solved in many different ways. You can choose to light the hookah on fire and create a distraction to get to the backroom. You can silently assassinate the bodyguard in the alleyway. Or you can just slip somebody some drugs and make them pass out. The choice is yours in this game. The concept is very cool.. I just didn't find it very fun. It was ok, I passed a couple hours playing it - but I uninstalled it afterwards.
    Translated by
    Microsoft from Deutsch
    Party Hard 2 has captivated me in recent Days, claiming all as a jealous Friend to accompany her Lover to the Ex-girlfriends ' festival. "Don't you see that I've just doubled the Number of my Levels for you?" Party Hard 2 asks me, hamping with its Level design as I play for a Moment with the Thought Of starting another Game in my Library. "But Party Hard 2," I say, trying to resist the earworn-rimmed Soundtrack, "that's just more of the Same!" ' Don't you always say Sequels use the Predecessor as a Springboard ... ' "... And should build on it with new Mechanics and improve, yes! Party Hard 2, you're really good, don't get me wrong, but you sustain yourself a little too much in your Predecessor. Sure, you've improved. Very even! " "I removed the Activation wheels for Traps especially for you and made it possible that you can do Guardians with the Weapon as well. At the first Attempt, you got so excited about Luring guards to traps that were sometimes and sometimes not there. I agreed with you, so stop staring at Disgaea 5 like that! ' "These are Detailed Improvements, Party Hard 2." ' What's it then? Don't like my Plot? ' "Oh, now don't be like that. You tell a Revenge Story and try to explain the actions of the Party Hard Killersl! You even want to bring him into the Light of the misunderstood Hero. I don't like That. That's when I found the first Attempt better, you know? We are talking about a Mass Murderer and not a misunderstood Child. That's when I liked the Story about the Policeman chasing the Killer better. All you have left in your Action is a displaced and superimposed Love Story! " When the Game hears my final Set, it spills over and looks the other Way. ' And why didn't you tell me that before? All these Characters I came up with. The Voice Acting! The Cutscenes! Now it was all in vain. " "That's not true, Party Hard 2! You managed to prevent me from putting the Controller out of my Hand for 15 Hours. Dragon Quest XI can only dream of that. " "It also has a very inflated Plot." ' She's got That. ' "I see that you are staring at their Characters." "She also takes a lot more Time for the Characters, Party Hard 2. Your Strength is the Gameplay, not the Plot." ' Alas, so now it's going back to Gameplay, yeah? Men only ever think of the One thing. " ' Because it's important Party Hard 2! Your Action only serves to logically connect the individual Levels. If the Gameplay isn't right, we quickly lose interest. I also know a lot of Women who see it the same way. Luckily, you're doing everything right in this regard. You're a bit difficult sometimes, yeah, but you always stay fair. If I fail, I made a wrong Decision somewhere, after which everything cascaded into the Escalation. That's good, because I didn't lose right away. With Skill, a nimble Finger and quick Thinking, I can turn around even the most hopeless Situation-and if not, then I just try again. You get it well that I don't want to give up, but stay tuned, pinch the Ass Cheeks together and try again. I can see that the Enemies occasionally come without any Reason that you have done an NPC at the other End of the Map. A small AI error that you should fix. " ' Alas, you're just saying that now ... ' I see my Words arriving at Party Hard 2, because slowly it's getting calmer. Not wanting any further Stress with her, I keep quiet about my Annoyance at the recycled level towards the End of the Game. A positive Note is more important to me. "I like that you've integrated Boss battles that go well with the Game and don't seem out of place," I breathe the Game into its 3D landscape, into which the Character Models fit amazingly well. "And the Crafting System? Be honest ... " "Something mau and too few Possibilities, but no Leg Break. After all, there is no need for it. Party Hard 2 ... I think I love you, despite your little Quirks. " I put my Arms around the Game and I'm sure we'll have some nice Hours together yet, because it's still so full of Content I want to experience ignoring Devil May Cry 5 stretching one of its long legs around the Corner. I don't like that they are so hairy.
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