Phantaruk reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Horror in Space Gameplay "Phantaruk" is somewhat reminiscent of "Alien: Isolation": In the First-Person View, we sneak carefully through the Levels and try to remain as inconspicuous as possible, otherwise we could attract one of the four different Enemies. The only Tools we get at Our Fingertips is the Flashlight and our HUD, that we have to call first with The Right click and is a Fitness Band where we can see our Heartbeat and our Degree of poisoning. The Heartbeat must not come above 200 and rise as soon as we look at a menacing enemy or are hit, but slowly calms down again. However, The Toxicity Concentration increases permanently due to storykeeping, so you have to take Syringes regularly. You can find Batteries and Syringes everywhere, but this creates a certain Amount of time Pressure. However, you can find more than enough Syringes. After playing Through And playing 4 Hours, I had consumed about 15 Syringes and 11 more in the Inventory. So you don't have such a Time Pressure again. Basically, however, the Game Mechanics work, but the Opponents often annoyed me. Because often my Heartbeat has looked at, even though I've looked at the opponent through the Wall or the Opponent suddenly came up to me from a far-flung Room. Even if the Eye at the bottom left, which indicates the Darkness, is completely gone, one does not necessarily seem camouflaged and once one of the bigger Enemies has found one, one is as good as Tot anyway. After two Strokes you are gone and so I often just let myself be slaughtered, as I almost never succeeded in escaping. The Level design is kept quite simple, with you often having to find some Access Cards or press Buttons for a particular Door to open. Story Welcome to the Purity-02 spacecraft, where you try to improve Humans genetically and many Clones are produced. As Such, we wake up as the Alarm has been raised. A classic Space story So far. However, then a Pandemic shuffles to it and an Egyptian Cult. The only Sources of supply are the Captain's Audiologs and smaller Data Pads and Slips of paper that illuminate the Story piece by Piece. I think The Basic Idea of the Story is very good, but you could have got a lot more out of it. The Story is told rather sluggishly, the Actions of the Character not always comprehensible and the Ending can be quite unsatisfactory. Graphic/Sound Of Course, the Game is kept pretty grim. The Graphics are rather average on the source engine, with some Animations being very detailed. The Opponents had rather little detail, but really Struggled to do that in Lighting and the general Atmosphere. However, some Places were too bright, so I rarely had to resort to the Flashlight. The Sound was also very good. The Background Music really built tension and I really realised how I was tensing. Once I had half a heart Attack when a Fuse was clacking next to me. Opponents are easily audible and a Russian Indian Studio should be forgiven for the Fact that Synchronization involves a strong Accent. While the Voices are only English, the Lyrics and Writings have been impeccably translated into German And Location Plans and the Like have also been translated. Unfortunately, this does not happen so often in other Games. Conclusion "Phantaruk" left me ambivalent. The Atmossphere was really terrifying and the Scenery really convinced me. However, Opponents behave strangely, you have little Chance of a Discovery and History could have had fewer logic Errors. In addition, the Game is quite short and is only stretched by the fact that you have to find any Cards all the time. The Bottom Line is the Game is not bad, but there are better Alternatives. The Thumb goes up here just like that and I would recommend a Purchase if it is on Offer to get. However, I would like to stress here that the Developers with the current €5 still offer a fair Price. Did you like the Review? Then follow me in my Steam Group, where I write my Reviews as a Curator.