Pilam Sky reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Storm clouds, covering the skies with its grim gray, suddenly cuts through a flash of dazzling lightning. In that flash, an armed eye might notice a strange object resembling an elongated ellipsoid. And the armed and scientist Eye would have identified a giant airship in a clearly Rukoval object. Pilam Sky is the case when developers do not know what they are doing and trying to spy on others. Enter three playable characters, but the differences between them are purely visual, and in fact: for the sake of three achievements are forced to pass the same game three times. In this case, of the hundreds or two fights we will have to watch only 3 different game modes, two of which (construction of the defensive tower and later shooting from this tower on the enemies) can not even meet; All the rest of the time we will just destroy the enemy balloons and pump his own on the airship-base for the money gained in the battles. The Uncapacity pursues the authors in almost everything. The MAP is divided into three regions-countries (for simplicity name their inhabitants: Geese, guitars and gemtsy), each country at the same time terrorising pirates (just multiply on three and do not worry, the difference between the countries, again remind, no), and each Terrorised country has its own scale of loss. It is not a bad fight, and the scale is slightly filled. Filled-screen of loss, credits... And the game continues, thus giving an achievement for the victory of your country. Yes, this is a cool game, well thought out and not boring. But that's not all! Now after each mission the player will re-watch the screen of loss, credits and again be on the global map. Once in a while, until it fulfills the conditions of victory or does not get bored. Madness is some kind of... That is, when you are told that you have lost, you need to honestly quit the current game, right-click on the name of the game on Steam and choose "Delete". Otherwise! Now the gameplay. We Play for a balloon, the task of which to destroy other balls. At the Bottom we have an anchor that can attack enemies by collapsing Aki Korshun from heaven. To the Left and to the right stick out spears and optionally it is possible to establish a firearm, projectiles to which are bought separately. And on top of the actual swelling of the hot air balloon and our main vulnerable place in which dirty flying pirates are going to stick with a hostile anchor or no less hostile spear. And that's the cannon core somehow. The First ten times it is even interesting, but the development of enemies (and the hero) consists only in the fact that the ball becomes stronger, the spear-sharper, and the anchor is better sharpened. At some point, the enemies reach maximum pumping and in the future simply increases their number. In general, except for the slight disgust of my game has not caused any feelings. However, if the authors have dedicated themselves to the mobile platform, not being embarrassed by Steam, have worked on the duration, making one full fight not longer than a minute or two, and the entire campaign-no more than half an hour, then maybe they could keep the player's interest For a while. To Buy Pilam Sky to run on a computer (or stationary consoles), I think a huge disrespect to myself (not specifically to me, but to you, as a player). It's Like that. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CURATOR AND JOIN THE GROUP