PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Pros: + Solid Factory Bau/WiSim/TowerDefense/Action Mix + diverse resources with many Recipe Combinations + surprisingly good combat system + motivating Mission Rewards graphics and Sound Are i.O., although the Style is also somewhat idiosyncratic. Cons:-Gameplay is constantly interrupted (daily Balance every few Minutes)-you restart every factory under Time Pressure-little Motivation the perfect Factory to work out-competition Factories are just Graphics, you can't really interact with them or even them Seeing somewhere-Control is sometimes a bit hairy in Construction My Recommendation is limited, as the Game is quite cool, but also has its Problem Areas. Basically, you could say this is the illegitimate Child of Starbound and Factorio with a rather quirky Sense of humour. You build a Factory on every Planet that makes Soups faster than the Competition and shoots them into Space. After each Mission, you get new Factory Parts that either help you make better progress yourself or the Factory continues to be automated-at the Beginning you still cook almost every Soup yourself. Until then, the Game works very well, you can tinker at your Factories, fret with the somewhat hairy controls and rejoice in the new Gimmick After each Mission. Unfortunately, after almost every Mission, you start completely new-in the first 10 Missions, you have already built a Part of the Base two times. So you always start to stomp a Factory out of the Ground as quickly as possible, because the Opponents (who you have to think they only occasionally send a few Enemies by and send Soups to the Market every now and then on a Graphic. Thus, the Competition seems more like a Timer than a real Opponent. And since you are driven back in every Mission to reach your Goal as quickly as possible, you quickly lose the Desire to build particularly spectacular or tricky or particularly efficient Factories (you can play any Mission again in free Mode. To see what you can get out of the Planet, but you don't get a Reward for that ... So What is the Point of this?). In Addition, in your Flow of Construction, one is interrupted every 2 Minutes, because the Day is over and one is shown a pointless Daily Balance without Any benefit. All Resources that are not consumed or In motion until the End of the Day are then lost, which really puts you down the Work and interrupts construction. These regular Interruptions and the constant New beginning after each Mission have at some point deprived me of the Desire to do more Missions. Why do I recommend the Game anyway? Because it offers solid Gameplay until then, mission rewards are motivating, and the Game has impressive Depth in many Places. So If you can restart again and again and don't let occasional Interruptions bother you, you have a really nice single player experience here (the Multiplayer is supposed to be a bit buggy, but I didn't try that) and Economic Simulations where You can tackle yourself-like Factorio-are rare, so sometimes you have to take what you get.