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I've only started playing Prey (3-4 hours), and I already think it's one of the best games I've ever played. I love the setting, the enemies are challenging (I play on high difficulty), the exploration aspect is amazing. My only complaint is the sound design. In general, it's OK (and even quite satisfying) but somethimes I hear that dialogues or voices of some charcters and operators are too loud or too low, and I can't fix it. And the sound of computers and "mission completed" are unexpected loud and frightening too. And I really can't change settings to make it right! This thing spoils the playthrough for me a little bit.

Did you have the same sound issues? How many attention do you pay to the sound design in games in general? I know people who play without music at all, but that's very strange for me...
Arcane announced two new modes - New Game + and Survival for hardcore players, and a story DLC named Mooncrash.

It's available from June 10, 2018.

And another hide and seek game will be out this summer: Typhon Hunter, where you are to fight against 4 players that are mimics.