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Princess Maker 5

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Welcome to the world of 「Princess Maker 5」!

■ Your and your daughter's story starts again

The stage of 「Princess Maker 5」 is the world we are living in now.
There is not only a TV, but we use the cellphone and the Internet as well.
But something is a bit different than those.
It's a world where the demons and fairies are living together.
And for you living in such world comes an orphan girl by nature.
This girl was the only Princess candidate survivor of the Kingdom that you served in the past.
At that time, you decided to take the girl and raise her as your daughter.
And your and your daughter's story starts.

■ Game contents

In this game(version), the player can choose father and mother as well as the name.
The main character, a former Hero of this world, is living in a modern world.
And a butler comes to you to take care of a girl who was driven by a power struggle in another world.
The girl lost her memories in another world.
The player's mission is to raise this girl safely.
She is about 10 years old and you have to make her a good adult for 8 years.
It is good to be a bride in pursuit of happiness in the real world, and a costume player and an actress are good too.
You can also go back to a chaotic Kingdom and go on a journey of adventure and romance.

■ The daughter grows with the player's mind

Let's decide on how to raise your daughter with your curfew, balance of study and play, etiquette, and so on.
She will act in accordance with the 「Education Policy」 that you can set out every month.
If she comes home late, she may be able to hang out at night, but become sociable.
Playing too much makes her neglect her studies.
Your way of raising will determine your daughter's future whether it is spartan or laissez-faire.
On weekdays, your daughter goes to school. The schedules at school are fixed but it is up to you, the parent, to decide what to do after school.
If she goes to academy, she can raise a lot of abilities but it requires money.
She can do the same by making money with part-time jobs but there are different abilities depending on the type of academy and part-time jobs, so care must be taken not to cause stress.

■ Daughter's condition at a glance with MOE (Motion OF Emotion) system

The SD character displayed in the daughter's room reflects the daughter's abilities, personality, condition, and interests.
She is lying in bed when she is not feeling well, and may often take a sigh of relief at times when stressed, and shout at a doll from time to time.
It's fun to see a cute SD character moving around the room.
This is a new AI system called MOE.
She can be a tomboy with the concept of 「Personality Parameter」 or 「Puberty」,
and sometimes she becomes rebellious, expressing a more human form.

■ Variety of clothes

When talking to your daughter, your daughter's graphics are displayed on the screen.
At this time, you can change the clothes your daughter is wearing.
If she dresses up to TPO, she'll stay in shape, and when she dates, the evaluation of the opponent will change.
As you play the game, you get more clothes.

■ Attention to the changes of your daughter

As your daughter grows, her body shape changes.
Also, don't take your eyes off your daughter's daily changes as her facial expressions adjust to her changes.

■ Numerous characters and events

In order to describe the modern stage and the fantastic world view of 「Princess Maker」, we needed more various parameters and a character surrounding them.
In eight years, more complex human relationships are made up of about 100 characters, which are the biggest in the series.
Some of them develop friendships, or being rivals for love, living in another world, and you'll find a couple of old faces if you have played the previous game.
Of course, there are plenty of endings to match the modern- and another world with the greatest play time of the series, so you can play it multiple times for fun.

Release date
CFK Co, CyberFront
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows® XP or higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 or higher
  • Graphics: 32MB or greater graphics card
  • Sound Card: Direct Sound
  • OS: Windows® XP or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or higher
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 280 or ATI Radeon HD 6630 or higher
  • Sound Card: Direct Sound

System requirements for PSP

System requirements for PlayStation 2

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Princess Maker 5 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
It'S a good simulation game. But Unfortunately here we received the old version of the year 2007. The controls are old, there are crashing errors. Fortunately I received constant updates to solve these problems and runs "well" in Windows 10. I don't like music at all. Art is beautiful. There Is much greater freedom and flexibility about what we can do with our daughter. Turn her into a mob boss. Yakuza. Nerd Freeky who adores manga and anime. With more than 48 different finishes and a lot more variety. I Feel it's worth recommending. If You're fans, You're going to like it. If you are new to this saga, I would recommend that you first buy Princess Maker 2, is more subtle, works well on PC (Windows 7/10).
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I had a great time playing Princess Maker 5. The game is on the whole is very well realized even if there are some problems of bugs and texts in the dialogues. Fortunately, these are minor problems without any harm to the gameplay. Princess Maker 5 is a blend of Princess Maker 2 and 3 on Saturn. Its management part is closer to that of Princess Maker 3, while its RPG part is closer to that of Princess Maker 2. The main scenario was working very well putting that the main character who originally came from the medieval era was sending in modern times to escape from demons who want to kill her in order to eliminate the last candidate who could become a Princess. At the beginning of the game, we feel more like playing a pure management set on life simulation. But as soon as our daughter is 12 years old, that's when the real serious things start when some of the assassins manifest themselves in an attempt to kill her. The heroine will find at this time the memory of the tragedy of her real family who have been murdered by demons and that it is at this time that Adventure mode is available and that the player is free of his choice if he wants to make her a Princess or not. Graphically, the Jer is very beautiful. The characters have been well drawn and give the impression of reading a manga, the music are very good qualities and pleasant to listen. On the other hand, the voices of the characters are too strong. They break their ears a little. Fortunately, we can disable them in the options. The gameplay is very good and easy to take in hand. The mouse moves very well. There's no problem of slowing down or heaviness. The level of difficulty is well balanced. It is not difficult to manage the activities of our daughter for the management part in order to educate her to either make her a Princess or to get a normal career or make her a super heroine. The lifespan is very good. You will spend many hours playing this strong title. There are so many new features that it will take you several parts to make the complete tour of the game. Whether it is to master the management part or RPG to try to advance the scenario. Princess Maker 5 is a very good game that I recommend to anyone who has loved playing Princess Maker 2 and 3.
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