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Pristine world

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Pristine world is a tower defense game which takes place in a magic world where only player stays between precious magical crystals and darkness.

In the Galaxy far far away existed one world. It was reach with magic and resources, it was wonderful and beautiful. Many different creatures lived there: dwarves and elves, elementals and giants. There lived an undead race also because of high magical activity.

All was good and everybody lived in harmony. And with undead too. But once appeared one crazy ruler and his name was Alastor. He wanted to destroy all undead and began The Great Crusade. He owned secrets of powerful defensive structures, that allowed to create fortresses everywhere he wanted for hours. Alastor and his armies nearly won this war, but in the last battle one of the greatest undead mages, Ancient Lich, opened portal to the world of Darkness. Dark creatures rushed into bright new world and owned many souls of mortals, including mages, warriors, generals. Number of simple citizens they enslaved was impossible to count.
There wasn't many people who rescued. They went into another world: grey and poor for resources and magic.

After 20 years of attempts to survive heirs of Alastor decided to return to their homeworld and to check what happens there. Maybe dark spirits faded away and people freed from their slavery?

You are one of this heirs and it depends on you if your people can survive and return home or it will be lost in the Grey world. But you are not alone. Ancient knowledge is with you and sorceress Irele and her familiars Shincy will help you in you travel.

Choose a race, use towers according to your play style and modify them. Take abilities that you want. Save Pristine World from Hordes of Darkness.

You will have access to:
-Building labyrinths of towers
-Several races
-Many neutral towers, which you can build playing with any race
-More than 30 tower modificators with different rarity and power
-Many different spells
-Level modificators which make levels that were already passed new and challengeable
-Cute familiars Shincy who won't let you get bored.
-Active development team who will communicate with game society.

Defend The Pristine World and give all races an opportunity to return to their home.
Release date
Lunisky studio
Cubic Pie
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad or i3 / AMD Athlon™ FX-4300, or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia® GTX 650 / AMD® Radeon 6700HD
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound Card: You need it as well
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Pristine world reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free A bad tower Defense Game In the Levels There are a total of 3 buildable Surfaces. Not only a Tower, but much more on them, certainly 20 or more, fit into these places. The one simply claps quite wildly on it. Otherwise normal Wave System. This Tower System is really bad, or just unusual. Bugs, too, like Battlefield getting dark once (or so wanted?). It also seemed To me that the Towers do little Damage, making Level 1 a Challenge. But it has an interesting Idea and that's that there are 3 playable Classes. Where you can also choose which Towers and Spells you want (of course only within the Class and no mixed ones). I didn't know that yet and I'm new to me. This Class can be changed at will if the Composition does not work well. I Also like the Soundtrack. The Rest is simply nothing special and has not been implemented.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Attention Please Note the positive Reviews currently taking into account. The Game started with Negative, went on Balance (1 p and 1 n) and then again on Negative ° 2 n and 1 p) and now within a few Hours 8 positive Reviews were added, all Positive With full tuning and all Russian (The Developer is Russian) So presumably bought or Fake Reviews through Fake Accounts or Friends. Opinities should be blocked Such Reviewers and also Devs from Steam Gameplay Priworld is a classic Tower Defense Game with a few Extras such as Tower Improvements, Loadout Management and different Characters (Just Decide over The carried Loadout, are not on the Pitch. Positives-I found the Music quite pleasantly negative-Sounds partly very annoying-mass Bugs, also Gamebreakers through which you can make yourself immortal or also bring the Game down, or the Game system break the zb infinitely waves coming. -Turm-setting works very badly-Some Towers do as good as 0 Damage-Russian Selling Button in English Language System-Acts like a Jumble of Languages and Types, The Game has only a Russian Setting, but a small Helper speaks Russian But in a Way and in a Tone as if it were a small Japanese Manga figure, a Storycharacter then speaks Russian Normally and the Overlay can be placed in English but all Settings remain that way. This somehow doesn't fit all together-You can get from the Map after defeating the Opponent not directly to the Overview map but only directly back to the main Menu-The Tutorial is as helpful as a Piece of Paper without a Pen-On the Overview Map you can see small Towers with a Large Level Sign above it, but you can only select the Level by clicking on the small Tower. -Much more, but I think that's enough from the conclusion A Game that looked quite good In the Pictures and in the Description, but due to a lot of Bugs, poor Playability and a Confusion of different Speech Types, the Game is not recommended to anyone at the moment. I hope the Developers bring some Patches here. As AN EA, it would have been halfway through vll if they had demanded €1n but would not be able to endure as a Release Game in this Quality.
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