Forspoken reviews

Listening to reviews of this made me originally not want to buy the game but since playing it for myself I've found myself many times lost in the world they made. alot of people expect every game to be a game of the year or flawless game and its hilarious. My recommendation is play the game yourself and judge it then. 
PS: combat is fun
Just nope
«Waste of time»
I played the demo for Forspoken. So it could be a whole lot different from what I tried. But in it's around 30 minutes demo, Forspoken couldn't captivate me.

Firstly the Performance, I Played performance mode at first, which seemed to work fine there were occasionally frame dips. But then after a short time I thought for the fun of it, I'll try the other two modes. Fidelity and Ray Tracing. Which did both run at 30 FPS. However after initiating a fight did drop below 20 or maybe even 15.

What's worse are some of the odd choice for controls. Holding L2 or R2, whilst moving the left stick left or right whilst holding circle lets you do a small flip. I often found myself sprinting however because moving left stick and circle allows you to sprint. I think it's just an odd choice.

Thirdly, the game feels so empty. There's this huge open world and it feels tiring exploring it because there's barely any enemies. Anywhere. Just deer.

What is impressive is Square Enix were brave enough to release this the same day as Dead Space for around the same price. Of course. The full game could be the top game of 2023. But with the reviews so far. I'm not holding up much hope.
«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»